Zidane’s son is very expensive!

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Luca, son of Zinedine Zidane, recently confided in the difficulties of bearing his father’s name. Statements that exceeded Danielle Moreau, columnist for the TPMP show.

Not always easy to be the “son of” … At the beginning of April, Luca Zidane, the second son of Zinedine who plays as a goalkeeper, revealed during an interview with the Spanish media Report having suffered from his affiliation with the former number 10 of the Blues, deploring in particular the overexposure caused by his surname and the unwelcome comparisons to which he was subjected.

“Some think it’s a positive thing, but it’s not.had declared the doorman of Eibar (club of the 2nd Spanish division). I would like the world of football to see me as Luca, to judge the matches I play, to look no further and compare me. There are people who talk about me without knowing me. It hurts. They are often full of prejudices, they don’t know who I really am. »

“It’s bullshit”

Words that had the gift of irritating Danielle Moreau, who was not kind to the second heir “Zizou” Friday evening on the set of TPMP. “It’s bullshit, I’ve had enough… If his father had remained a worker, he obviously wouldn’t be a footballer”thus castigated the columnist, and to add: “He’s hugely lucky to have gotten there because his father cleared the ground. He takes advantage of it and I don’t condemn it, so much the better, but I’ve had enough of this little music: “Poor son of”. »

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