March 26, 2023

While it was supposed to receive Benfica in its Champions League quarter-final, Inter Milan will finally move on the first leg. Here’s why.

The Champions League quarter-final draw was made on Friday. Among the matches offered by the innocent hands of Patrick Kluivert and Hamin Altintop, officials of the famous draw organized by UEFA, that between Inter Milan and Benfica has been modified. While Inter Milan had been drawn first and should have received, it is ultimately their Lisbon opponent who will have this advantage.

The explanation is actually quite simple and can be found in the texts of UEFA. Also present among the last eight teams qualified at this stage of the Champions League, AC Milan is the defending champion in Italy. It is therefore he who has priority over Inter Milan, insofar as the draw also designated him as the host club in his quarter against Naples. And since Inter and Milan play in the same stadium, these are the Rossoneri who will have the scoop on their opponent’s reception.

Each in turn

Suddenly, on April 11 or 12 (the date remains to be determined), Inter Milan will travel to Benfica’s lawn, while AC Milan will receive Naples. The following April 18 or 19, Inter will host Benfica at Giuseppe Meazza while Olivier Giroud and his partners will play alongside Napoli.

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