Who is Christophe Galtier’s girlfriend?

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In the turmoil following the accusations from the Nice camp, Christophe Galtier can count on the unwavering support of his discreet companion.

Christophe Galtier went through hell on Wednesday, the day after the revelations made by journalist Romain Molina. The latter relayed an email sent by Julien Fournier, former sports director of OGC Nice, to Dave Brailsford, director of football at Ineos. An email in which the former strongman of the Aiglons describes, in great detail, a racist and Islamophobic Christophe Galtier.

Since Tuesday, the technician is ” devastated “ according to his relatives. But his family unites around him, his partner, Grace, as well as his three children, Enzo, Jordan, the assistant coach of AC Ajaccio, and John Valovic-Galtier, the son of his partner whom Christophe Galtier has decided to become the official father by adopting him in 2017.

Wives have to manage the day-to-day

The former midfielder has regularly paid tribute to the one who has shared his life for several decades. “During my first six months here (he was then coach of Lille), I happened to break TVs. My wife sometimes picked me up in pieces, in crumbs. I felt unable to win a match.he told So Foot in 2020.

Christophe Galtier also paid him a strong tribute when he received his best coach trophy in the spring of 2019. “We have our heads in the handlebars. We think of football, we think of players who are the age of our children. The wives have to manage the daily life, and if the wife does not manage the daily life well, we are not well in our head. And if I was successful through my team, through my club – I was successful – it’s because she knew how to manage the daily life, “ he confided this time.

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