When Kroos spits on the Real jersey

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The German midfielder of Real Madrid Toni Kroos did not go easy on the evocation of the merengue tunic.

Let it be said, Toni Kroos is not a big fan of Real Madrid jerseys. In the latest podcast produced and hosted by his brother Felix – Einfach mal luppen – the interested party does not mince words about the different merengue tunics he has had to wear since his arrival in the Spanish capital in 2014.

We still have a jersey with a collarhe curses. It’s not a football shirt. To all the designers: know that this is big shit, it sucks! Collared jerseys are not beautiful, they are ugly and uncomfortable. If we add a few buttons, we end up playing in a shirt, right? »

The equipment supplier of Real, Adidas, who returned to the White House in 1998, for an uninterrupted collaboration since, will appreciate… One of the jerseys from the collection of the 2014 world champion nevertheless finds favor in his eyes. ” The most beautiful jersey I have played with is that of the 2019-2020 season. Not winning a title with this jersey would have been disrespectful. Real that year had won La Liga and the Spanish Super Cup.

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