When Hanouna gets involved!

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After Samir Nasri’s big rant on Canal + on Sunday, about players doing Ramadan, Cyril Hanouna invited the journalist from the encrypted channel Philippe Carayon to the TPMP set.

Why do you want to know if I do Ramadan or not? It has become a societal debate. Religion must remain in the private sphere. Why are you going to ask him if he’s fasting or not? 20 years ago, we didn’t talk about Ramadan “. Samir Nasri made a remarkable outing on the set of Channel Football ClubSunday, when discussing the Galtier affair as well as the sidelining of Jaouen Hadjam in Nantes (who does not wish to interrupt his fast on a match day).

The rather heated exchange between Nasri, a former French international and of the Muslim faith, and Philippe Carayon, one of the journalists from the Canal+ sports department, did not go unnoticed. Cyril Hanouna invited the second city, a ” friend ”, in the emission of Monday of Do not touch My TV. Carayon thus justified the arrangements made by the clubs with the players doing Ramadan (which makes direct reference to the Galtier affair).

“It’s job discrimination”

On the set of C8, it was then Gilles Verdez who had his rant: “ What bothers me is that we make Ramadan a subject, but look at Karim Benzema who is fasting and scoring triplets. There is no scientific study in the world, no serious one, which shows that Ramadan could alter sports performance. It bothers me that religion becomes the theater of arrangement between a club and a player. A man who wants to do Ramadan, I don’t see why we prevent him from doing it and why we prevent him from playing football “.

Verdez (formerly a sports journalist before being one of the polemicists of TPMP) supported Nasri’s speech thus: I do not understand why a coach asks the question because it is discrimination by work. Their religion is their religion, they have the right to practice their religion “. Hanouna pulled in the same direction, concluding: “ I kinda agree with you, in fact, we don’t even need to know that. “. A live exchange which had the merit of enlightening the fans of the star presenter on the subject.

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