When Arkéa-Samsic plays the parity card

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On the sidelines of the extension until 2025 of Arkéa with the Breton cycling team led by Emmanuel Hubert, the banking group has indicated that from now on, the minimum salary of the riders of the women’s team will be aligned with that of their male colleagues.

In terms of parity, the Arkéa-Samsic team is there. While the story between Arkéa and the Breton team led by Emmanuel Hubert was officially extended, this Tuesday with the renewal of the contract until 2025, the banking group decided to move up a gear at the level of the women’s team. of the section. With the main innovation, a minimum wage which will now be the same for men as for women. The director of the general secretariat and institutional communication shared this information, which looks like a small revolution, in the context of a long interview with the newspaper West France on the sidelines of this extension of the group’s commitment for two additional years, without hiding the fact that Arkéa-Samsic is making the development of female cyclists within its structure one of the main projects for the coming years. “We really want to ensure a sincere and significant progression of the female cyclist, who offers beautiful images and stories”, confides Cédric Malengreau in West France.

A certain fairness, but not total yet…

And it is precisely with this in mind that the group thought about how to fully refocus the runners of the women’s team on their sporting activity. From this reflection was born this decision to align the minimum wage for women with that for men. “Many still have a schedule. It is a real wish and choice of empowerment for these runners. Measures have been taken to ensure a certain fairness with regard to minimum wages. In the best of all worlds, Arkéa would even have dreamed of standardizing everything, but that was not an option. “We can never apply total equity because the systems operate differently,” recalls Malengreau, ensuring however that everything has been done to approach it as much as possible. “We wanted to ensure that the minimum salaries of men and women are aligned between the two teams. »

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