this time Paris SG can worry

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Beaten in Marseille (2-1) and shaken in proportions never seen before this season, Paris SG suffers too much when the opponent puts a lot of intensity. And Bayern Munich is coming.

OM, like Lens (3-1) and Rennes (1-0) before him in Ligue 1, have they shown the way to beat PSG? “We knew he would put so much intensity,” sighed Gianluigi Donnarumma.

“We had prepared well all week and we knew they were going to play like that. However, we had difficulties”, regretted the Italian goalkeeper of PSG.

Best player of his team on Wednesday, which betrays the loss of control of Paris on his matches, “Gigio” regrets that his formation has “difficulty holding the ball. It’s one of the main things to do well when you find yourself against a team that plays like that.”

“There is not enough intensity in PSG’s game, too much low recovery,” said former Parisian Laurent Fournier to AFP.

The international (3 selections) feels “less consistency than at the start of the season, we saw a team, there we focus more on the talent of the players, like the goals against Toulouse (2-1) (from Achraf ) Hakimi and (Lionel) Messi”.

– “Monaco will be the same” –

For Fournier, now a consultant on Europe 1, it is “especially in the middle” that the problem lies. “I do not question the talent of the players, but they are all in the same register, there is not one who plays without the ball, it is always in the feet”.

“With Messi or Neymar next to you, you have to be at their disposal and make calls, that the midfielder goes past the striker, like the little (Warren) Zaire-Emery did when he scored the goal at Montpellier (3-1), he took the depth”, he continues.

For Fournier, “with these midfielders, (…) they are always waiting to intercept, never looking for the ball at the opponent’s feet. But when the team opposite puts on intensity and pressing, you’re in trouble”.

Even the modest Reims trapped Paris (1-1) by playing flat out for 90 minutes, underlines the former coach of the capital club. “This intensity of play does not allow you to breathe, and Monaco, Saturday (in Ligue 1) will be the same, very physical”.

Christophe Galtier regularly reminds us that one of his team’s strengths lies in the short game, the combinations between his wonderful attackers, more than in intensity. “Marseille has this quality, not only that, it can contrast with our player profile and our way of evolving,” admits the PSG coach.

– “Mbappé would have enjoyed himself” –

This system also depends a lot on Kylian Mbappé, injured and who will also be absent against Bayern on Tuesday.

“He changes everything because he takes the depth”, explains Fournier, also passed on the benches of Strasbourg and Auxerre. “Marseille put on a huge intensity, but at the start of the match, Mbappé would have enjoyed themselves against their super high pressing,” he adds.

“We fished”, summarizes Galtier. But “we are not going to drag on this elimination, given the sequence of matches”.

“Now we have to raise our heads and think about the Monaco match this Saturday”, abounds Donnarumma.

The Italian goalkeeper does not yet want to project himself on the meeting with Bayern. “Every game has a different story,” he says. “We know that we are going to prepare thoroughly for the Champions League. We are committed to it, we will do everything to pass this round”.

In Marseille, “we had difficulties but we have champions who are capable of raising the team. And they will do it”, insists “Gigio”.

“Not worried”, Fournier also thinks that “at the Park, with the enthusiasm for the Champions League, the supporters”, the players “will transcend themselves”.

“But doubt shouldn’t creep in,” he said, warning against another defeat in Monaco. “You have already lost three times this season, and you have already lost a competition…”

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