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While he calls for a speech from the people of Nice in the Christophe Galtier affair, Thierry Henry is asking a little too much, according to an observer of the file.

When will we know the end of the story in the Christophe Galtier affair? Not right away, unfortunately, and this is what Thierry Henry regretted Sunday night when he spoke on the subject on Prime Video.

The 1998 world champion had notably expressed regret, that of not having heard the version of direct witnesses that are the players of OGC Nice last season. “I know that there is an investigation, but all the same, in Nice, there is someone who must be able to speak and tell us more than the three lines of the press release, he confided. I had the impression that the players wanted to talk. Can they talk? In Nice, someone must come and explain to us what happened. »

Thierry Henry, he is very nice…”

However, the situation is far from being so simple. This is what Guillaume Dufy recalled on Monday evening on the set of the L’Equipe channel. ” It’s a very sensitive subject. explained the journalist. The latest case of discrimination in football had affected PSG. We pointed the finger at the actions of Marc Westerloppe (accused of ethnic registration at the training center, editor’s note). Nothing came out in the press. We tried to reach him. He always refused to speak. And all the interlocutors of this affair refused to speak. »

According to Guillaume Dufy, the Prime Video consultant must understand that it is in court and not in the media that such a serious matter must be settled. ” So Thierry Henry, he is very nice. I understand, he would like things to balance and continue, to balance out. But here, the subject is so sensitive that the Nice prosecutor’s office did not wait a month to open a preliminary investigation, reminds the journalist. Three days later, it was open. And two hours after the opening of the preliminary investigation, the cops landed at the headquarters of Nice for searches. So I have the impression that justice wants to go very very quickly on this subject. »

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