The rant of Hervé Renard

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A month after allowing Amel Majri to come to Les Bleues with her baby, Hervé Renard deemed it “inconceivable” that a woman could not pursue her sports career and her life as a mother.

Called to the rescue following the fatal coup in Corinne Deacon, Hervé Renard did not miss his big debut at the head of the France team in early April. On the ground, where the Blues have chained two convincing victories against Colombia (5-2) then Canada (1-0), as outside. This first gathering at Clairefontaine was notably marked by the arrival of Amel Majri with her young baby. A great first hailed from all sides even though its predecessor had been favorable to it a few months earlier.

“Today, in the biggest world selections, there are a lot of things organized for children, so France is a little behind. We must take this step. We have to get there to be a specialized structure for that, so with a nanny, with a space for the children to have fun, to play with each other,” had observed the tricolor coach, adding: “Psychologically, this is of paramount importance. So I put myself in Amel’s shoes. I also had four children so it is important. To be good in your head and to be efficient, it is important to combine the two so it is done for this purpose, that everyone feels good with rules to respect in a living environment. »

They shouldn’t be afraid

The former coach of Morocco gave a layer this weekend at the microphone of beIN Sports. Invited on the set of beIN Center, the native of Aix-les-Bains, was offended at the idea that the players could be afraid of having children. ” They must not be afraid, did he throw. A woman must be able to lead both her life as a mother and her life as a high-level sportswoman. It is inconceivable that in 2023, we cannot reconcile the two. There are enough things, adaptable structures so that we can ensure that top athletes can have children. »

“Of course, he’s going to have a little interruption, an athletic refresher, but the women have the ability to come back quite quickly. They are top athletes so it comes back quickly. So they have to do it.”he added, adding: “it is inconceivable to do without a player even if she has her child with her. »

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