the Mavericks Doncic and Irving executioners of the Sixers

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The pistoleros were out in Dallas: Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving, 82 points between them, by planting 13 of the 25 award-winning banderillas of the Mavericks, allowed them to defeat the Sixers (133-126) not without being scared, Thursday in NBA.

The Slovenian prodigy put 42 pawns (13/22 on shots) and delivered 12 assists. Equally untenable and skilful, “Uncle Drew” added 40 (at 15/22) and had 3 interceptions.

It was therefore necessary for the two stars to pull out all the stops to offer themselves a second victory in six matches together, since the arrival of the second from Brooklyn in February. And above all, to avoid experiencing further disappointment after the defeat conceded against the Lakers, having squandered a 27-point lead at home last Sunday.

Because once again, Dallas was able to distance itself, counting no less than 25 units in the third quarter, before relaxing too soon. Because at the start of the next one, all it took was a flash from Tyrese Maxey, author of 10 of his 29 points, in 2 min 16 sec, for Philly to pick up the score (110-106).

Coach Jason Kidd then saw the specter of a comeback reappear and put his shock duo back on the floor to keep the 76ers at bay and finish the job. “We had to stay aggressive, keep the pace and above all we had to finish strong this time,” summarized Irving.

On the Sixers side, who remain 3rd in the East, Joel Embiid (35 pts, 8 rebounds) and James Harden (27 pts, 13 assists) have not been unworthy.

– Poole drowns the Clippers –

The Mavs, who remained on two losses, temporarily go back to 6th place in the West, behind Golden State, which knocked out the Clippers (115-91) in the second half, after being led by 11 units at the break.

This fourth authoritative rank success for the Warriors, deprived for 10 meetings of Stephen Curry (knee) who could return to the floor on Sunday at the Lakers, was largely the work of Jordan Poole. The fullback was untenable in the third quarter, won 42-16 by the outgoing champions, managing 22 of his 34 points there.

And Golden State, also carried by Klay Thompson (19 pts, 11 rebounds) and Draymond Green (11 pts, 9 rebounds, 9 assists), then take advantage of the lack of reaction from the Clippers, apathetic, crestfallen and ugly long-range pickers (9/43).

Only Kawhi Leonard (21 pts, at 8/12) held his rank, before going to save himself, Paul George missing out on his match (11 pts, at 3/15) and Nicolas Batum remaining anonymous (5 pts, 1 rebound, 1 counter).

In the East, Washington recorded a second success in a row (119-108) at the expense of Toronto, thanks in particular to Kyle Kuzma (30 pts) and Kristaps Porzingis (25 pts). In the fight for a play-off place for the play-offs, the Wizards (10th) took the opportunity to get closer to the Raptors (9th).

Finally, San Antonio also offered a second victory in a row against Indiana (110-99). The Spurs, penultimate in the West, relied on Jeremy Sochan (22 pts, 12 rebounds), to contain the Pacers (12th in the East).

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