The little phrase that sends Haaland to Real

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Real Madrid are not hiding their interest in Erling Haaland. An interest that could well be mutual…

If he is in the heyday of Manchester City this season, after bursting the screen in the colors of Dortmund, Erling Haaland is one of those players likely to change air in the blink of an eye, as there are so many courtiers. Former collaborator of Mino Raiola, Rafaela Pimienta now manages the interests of the Norwegian striker, and the interested party never misses an opportunity to use the media to get her messages across.

There is the Premier League and then there is also Real Madridshe blew Thursday as part of a London conference. They have something of their own that is also a players dream. Real Madrid maintains this magic. They don’t have the weekly competitions, but they do have the Champions League. A way to open the doors of the White House for the most coveted of his foals.

We gotta make a plan, we gotta have a goalshe continues. Maybe we won’t reach it, but if we don’t know where we’re going, we certainly won’t get there. The rumor that the cyborg has in his contract with the Citizens an exit clause in favor of the Merengues from 2024.

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When I started in this profession, if I said to a player: “You are moving to England”, he would ask me: “What did I do wrong? “Now when you talk to the players, and ask them what their goal is, they say the Premier League. They don’t say a team, City, Chelsea, Arsenal, they say the Premier League. It’s the first time in 25 years that I’ve heard so many players say: “I want to go to a league, not a club”. This is the place to be for an agent. »

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