The fighters in the spotlight?

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On the eve of a big mountain stage, the profile of the 12th stage of the Giro between Bra and Rivoli (179 km) should allow adventurers to be at the party in Piedmont this Thursday.

After the photo-finish victory of German sprinter Pascal Ackermann (UAE Team Emirates) on Wednesday in Tortona, during the longest stage of this 106th edition of the Giro, victory seems promised this Thursday to a fighter member of a breakaway. Indeed, due to its profile and placed before a big mountain stage (this Friday between Borgofranco d’Ivrea and Crans-Montana), this 12th stage of the Tour of Italy could well appeal to a rider endowed with these qualities. On the hilly roads of Piedmont, between Bra and Rivoli (179 kilometers), the peloton will first quickly have to climb several small climbs, namely Cherasco (1.1 km at 6.2%), La Morra (6 km at 5%), Monforte d’Alba (2.1 km at 4.8%) and Pedaggera (4.1 km at 4 .3%), during the first kilometers of the day. Enough to allow a breakaway to give way to the rest of the participants.

The ascent of Colle Braida promises to be perilous

Thereafter, when crossing the Po plain, two intermediate sprints will be on the menu, at Ceresole d’Alba then at Buttigliera Alta. In the meantime, the riders will have passed through Rivoli for the first time, where the finish will take place on Thursday, before starting a loop to conclude this 12th stage. It is in this last part that the biggest difficulty of the day will be present. In effect, the ascent of Colle Braida (10.8 km at 5.9%), with a part over 8% on average, should undermine the candidates for victory and at the same time condemn the chances of seeing a sprinter win again. Before an expected visit to Switzerland this Friday, the favorites should therefore not play the leading roles this time and thus allow the adventurers to show themselves. In this little game, Ben Healy, Brandon McNulty or even Jay Vine could well take advantage of it to raise their arms on arrival.

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