the descent into hell of this former Ligue 1 player

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After three years of a long ordeal, the former companion of Bryan Fernandez gave an edifying testimony on the devastating addiction that strikes the former Messin.

Brian Fernandez and his family are living a real nightmare. The Argentinian striker, who passed through FC Metz during the 2017-18 season, became totally addicted to cocaine and was dismissed by his club Colon for his repeated absences from training. A descent into hell that his companion, Araceli Fenni, narrated on Argentine television A24.

“Brian is currently with his family, where he feels good. We are waiting for him to agree to undergo treatment. He does it of his own free will, explained the one who has shared his life for eight years. I did not have enough support and today I am looking for other support so that everyone around him is informed of the disease and what his daily life is like. It’s very difficult. »

“Brian takes cocaine, she confided. I never filed a complaint because drug dealers came to the door of my house. There are people who want to make a big profit on his back and invite him. We consider addiction as a disease when consumption does not allow us to progress in our responsibilities. »

Fernandez’s violent reaction

According to the Argentine model, this ordeal would last for three years and the situation is more and more critical. “This month, he told me that he did not want to be hospitalized, that it made his situation more and more serious, more and more heavy”, she confided, adding: “Nobody wants this for Brian, it’s a very difficult problem and some have more resources and willpower than others. »

The young woman’s speech was obviously not to the taste of the former Garnet. Evidenced by his messages published on Instagram, the case turning into a settlement of scores. “How you like to talk on the radio. How you like to talk bullshit, but the truth is that you haven’t known anything about me for two months, stop playing small, please. But at no time do you talk about abandoning anyone haha”he wrote, adding: “I don’t tell anyone what happened to me or what I lost. Do you know if I eat, if I have clothes for every day, if I have a place to sleep, if these places are fixed? No, because nothing is fixed and it makes me angry because you practically left me on the streets. »

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