Suspected of racism, Galtier files a complaint for defamation and death threats

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Suspected of having made discriminatory remarks during his time at OGC Nice last year, the current coach of Paris Saint-Germain, Christophe Galtier, counter-attacked on Friday by filing a complaint for defamation against Julien Fournier and two journalists and death threats.

According to his lawyer, Me Olivier Martin, this complaint for defamation and endangerment by disseminating information targets Julien Fournier, former football director of OGC Nice, as well as RMC columnist Daniel Riolo and independent journalist Romain Molina, who released the information last week.

Another for harassment and death threats against X was also filed, said the lawyer.

Christophe Galtier, placed under protection by PSG last week, said he had “had a lot of messages, many very unpleasant” including death threats.

Contacted by AFP, the Paris prosecutor’s office confirmed that a complaint from Christophe Galtier had been received on Friday at the national center for the fight against online hate.

“We hope that the Paris prosecutor will act with the same speed as the Nice prosecutor so that Christophe Galtier gets out of this case as quickly as possible,” Martin told AFP on Friday.

In an e-mail addressed to the management of the Nice club revealed by the independent journalist Romain Molina then RMC, which AFP could not authenticate, the former director of OGC Nice Julien Fournier, with whom Galtier maintained execrable relations, reported in particular these remarks attributed to the PSG coach: “+ He then replied to me that I had to take into account the reality of the city and that indeed, we could not have so many blacks and of Muslims in the team+” and “+he told me of his desire to change the team in depth, also specifying that he wanted to limit the number of Muslim players as much as possible+”.

Christophe Galtier, publicly supported by his club PSG, denies having made such comments.

A preliminary investigation was opened by the Nice prosecutor’s office for suspicion of “discrimination based on an alleged race or belonging to a religion” and searches took place last Friday at the premises of OGC Nice.

– Galtier “focused on work” –

As part of this investigation, the president of OGC Nice Jean-Pierre Rivère told L’Equipe and Nice-Matin on Thursday that he had been interviewed by the Nice PJ this week.

“I have already been auditioned, I gave all the elements that I considered to have in my possession. Everyone will do the same. It was really important to protect the group, which was not easy during this period” , he explained in particular.

The current coach of Nice and coach of the reserve during the passage of Galtier (2021-2022), Didier Digard, affirmed that the affair was “no longer a subject of discussion in the locker room” Nice.

“It may be in some heads, even if I don’t feel it. But it’s no longer a subject of discussion. We know that now we will have to be patient and let justice work,” he said. he added on Wednesday, before the elimination of OGCN in the quarter-finals of C4 against FC Basel.

For his part, Christophe Galtier has not yet been heard by the investigators, said Me Martin to AFP.

These extra-sporting turbulence, coupled with the disappointing results, cast a veil of uncertainty over Galtier, under contract in Paris until 2024.

“I am very focused on work. Work allows you to be active. I am very active with the staff, with the players. I also plan for the future, I have a lot of work to do in this direction. My brain is constantly active to be focused on the matches to get this title, “replied the technician Thursday to the press.

“Am I convinced to be the coach next season? I plan to be the coach of next season at PSG”, continued the technician.

Friday evening, his men move to Angers, the red lantern for the opening of the 32nd day.

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