Surprise in the FC Barcelona locker room

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The choice of Mateu Alemany to reconsider his decision to leave his duties as sporting director surprised the FC Barcelona locker room.

If there’s one thing Barça players and staff didn’t expect, it was that. While he had officially announced two weeks ago that he would leave his post as sporting director of the club at the end of the season, Mateu Alemany has now reconsidered his decision. According to the newspaper Sport, the leader has finally decided to continue the adventure. It remains to be seen what its president will say.

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Again, the Spanish media believes it knows what is going on and indicates that Joan Laporta agrees that Alemany remains in office. The two men would have discussed it together this Wednesday. Perhaps invigorated by the title validated in La Liga by the Blaugrana, Mateu Alemany could therefore continue his mission. He could even be supported by Deco, according to a hypothesis put forward by the RAC.

The players did not believe it

Anyway, and while waiting to have the end of the story, this about-face is all the more unexpected since Mateu Alemany were the subject of rumors sending him to Aston Villa where coach Unai Emery would look forward to it. The former Paris Saint-Germain may therefore have to take his troubles patiently.

For its part, the Barça locker room had a hard time believing the news. Mundo Deportivo contacted players who told him of their astonishment and the fact that they learned the news from the media and not internally. Some even asked several times for confirmation from the media. A public communication from Mateu Alemany is now expected.

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