score and latest updates from second ODI in Sydney

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Josh Hazlewood celebrates after dismissing England's Phil Salt - Mark Baker/AP

Josh Hazlewood celebrates after dismissing England’s Phil Salt – Mark Baker/AP

08:15 AM

Over 4: ENG 32-2 (Salt 18 Vince 14)

Hazelwood’s delivery is shorter in length and Salt pulls it deep square let for a single. It is a fullish delivery outside off and Vince drives it left of mid-off and takes a quick single.

England are clearly not going to change the way they play white-ball cricket. Shorter in length, Salt picks the length quickly and pulls it over deep backward square leg for maximum.

08:10 AM

Over 3: ENG 14/2 (Salt 13 Vince 2)

The man of the moment, Mitchell Starc returns to the the bowling attack. His delivery is back of a length and outside off. Salt punches it off the outside half of his bat to deep backward point for a single.

That was good timing from Vince, as Star is on length but it’s drifting on the pads. Vince clips it past square leg and takes three as the fielder in the deep cuts it off. Oh, that was just short from Marcus Stonis.

That was on a length , around leg. Phil Salt makes room and tries to power it through the gap on the off side. However, he does not time it properly and it ends hitting it uppishly just short of the cover fielder.

08:05 AM

Over 2: ENG 9/2 (Salt 9 Vince 0)

Josh Hazelwood enters into the bowling attack. He bowls on a length and it nips back in and Salt tried to clip it but gets hit high on the pad.

Another peach of a delivery and it serves a good-length delivery on middle. Salt tried to defend it but the ball cuts him into half as it jags back in sharply again. The ball goes over the stumps and to the keeper.

First boundary for England and it’s bowled full and on middle. Salt flicks it off his pad towards the backward square leg fence for a boundary.

07:58 AM

Over 1: ENG 0/2: (Roy 0, Salt 0)

The visitors get off to the worst start possible in their chase of 281 as they lose the wickets of Jason Roy and Dawid Malan.

Jason Roy departed for a duck. The England opener  would feel unlucky here but that is how the game goes and it’s actually clever bowling from Starcc.

He bangs it a bit short, around leg. Roy expecting a full delivery, tried to tuck it around the corner. He gets a faint part of his bat and Carey behind the stumps takes an easy catch moving to his left.

The centurion from the previous games, Malan walks out to bat at number 3.

What a delivery from Starc to Malan, which is an unplayable delivery. It is a the perfect delivery that lands on a good length. Malan tried to defend it but the ball shapes away sharply! This ball simply had everything in it- pace, movement, perfect line and length.

James Vince comes out to the middle now. Starc bowls it full and on middle Vince flicks it past square leg for a couple. He is off the mark and England are underway as well. That has to be probably the best fist over bowled by Starc in his ODI career.

07:45 AM


Malan 0 b Starc

What an absolute beauty from Star and England are two wickets down without a run on the board. While, you can say Jason Roy was lucky Malan can’t really blame himself there. It was just a brilliant piece of bowling. It was full, fast swing and he stood no chance so early in the innings.

07:41 AM


Roy c Carey b Starc 

Strangled down the leg side. Jason Roy’s nightmares in an England shirt continue.

It is hard not to have sympathy for Roy as he trudges off in a complete despair. Starc’s ball was drifting down leg and he tries to clip it off his hips awkwardly but he just gets a faint edge through to the keeper instead.

It is a very slow walk off.

07:35 AM

It’s time for the England chase

Jason Roy failed in the first ODI but will be desperate to prove a point at some stage after being dropped for the T20 World Cup and he’s joined at the crease by Phil Salt.

07:21 AM

A good comeback

From England in the death overs, and they have restricted Australia to 280. However, looking at the conditions, it is a decent score, and with the series on line, England will be under more pressure. It is going to be an exciting chase.

Right then, Australia have put on a good total on the board with some good knocks from Steven Smith, Marnus Labuschagne and Mitchell Marsh. England, on the other hand also have a long batting line-up and they will be tested to chase this down. They need to show their quality if they want to level the series, but it is not going to be easy. Stay tuned for the chase.

07:20 AM

Over 50; AUS 280/8 (Zampa 0 Agar 18)

Adam Zampa comes out to the middle now. Also, Sam Curran  to bowl the last over. Agar launches one into the crowd this time! This is full and on middle. In the slot for Agar and he smashes it over deep mid-wicket for a maximum.

Just a single! However, 16 came from this over and Australia have managed to reach 280 here! Bowls it fuller on off. A slower delivery again and Agar tries to power it down the ground. He does not get the timing he desires for and takes a single as the ball goes off the inside half of his blade towards the leg side. Australia end with 280/8 after 50 overs!

07:18 AM

Over 49: 264/8 (Marsh 50 Agar 0)

That is fifty for Mitchell Marsh. This has been a good knock from Marsh but he would like to hit some lusty blows to take Australia over 280 from here. This is fuller and outside off. Marsh drives it to sweeper cover for a single.


Marsh 50 c Vince b Willey

Mitchell Marsh holes out in the deep and that’s an end of a good knock from a hard-hitting all-rounder. On a length and outside off. Marsh gets across to his right and tries to drag it over long on. He almost hits it all the way but ends up finding Vince at long on. He takes a good catch in the deep and Australia lose their seventh.


Starc 0 c Woakes b Willey

Two in two for David Willey! Bowls it full and on middle. Starc flicks it off his pads and does so quite well. It, however, goes aerially and straight to the deep square leg fielder. Chris Woakes takes an easy catch and must say this has been a good comeback by England in death overs.

07:14 AM

Over 48: AUS 259/6 ( Marsh 49 Stonis 13 )


Stonis 13 b Woakes

Chris Woakes gets his second wicket and it is another slower delivery that does the trick for him. Bowls it fuller and on off. A floating type of delivery that comes slower through the air and Marcus Stoinis who swings across the line gets an inside edge. The ball goes onto knock the stumps and this is a crucial breakthrough, Stoinis can be very dangerous at the death.

Ashton Agar comes out to the middle now.

07:13 AM

Over 47: AUS 256/5 ( Marsh 47 Stonis 8)

Brilliant start to the over for Australia! Touch on the shorter side from David Willey. Marcus Stoinis slams it over deep mid-wicket for a biggie.

A slower short ball, outside off. Marcus Stoinis waits for it and tries to cut it but misses. Stoinis thinks that it should be given as wide but he can’t do anything more than saying ‘come on’.

Goes fuller and on middle. Marcus Stoinis tries to flick it but gets an inside edge onto his pads. A single is taken as the ball rolls towards the leg side.

07:11 AM

Over 46: AUS 247/5 ( Marsh 46 Stonis 2)

Chris Woakes replace Rashid. He bowls a back of a length and around off. It is a slower delivery and Marsh mistimes his cut shot to the cover region.

He goes fuller and on middle and leg. Marsh tries to flick it but misses and gets hit on the pads. There is an appeal for an LBW but it is sliding down leg. A leg bye taken as the ball rolls towards the off side.

Woakes serves a good-length delivery, outside off. Marcus Stoinis has a poke at it but the ball seams away and beats the outside edge of his bat.

07:09 AM

Over 45: AUS 243/5 (Marsh 39 Stonis 2)

Marsh sends another one over the ropes! Sam Curran serves this full and on middle, Mitchell Marsh heaves over the deep square leg fence for a maximum.

This is short of a length and outside off, Mitchell Marsh goes for th cut but gets an inside edge past the keeper for a run as Billings did well to get a hand to that diving to his left.

07:01 AM

Over 44: AUS 235/5 (Smith 94 Marsh 39)


Smith 94 c Salt b Rashid

Smith goes on 94. It is Rashid again with the breakthrough. He bowls the flighted delivery, turning away. Steve Smith eyes light up and he skips down the track to go for a big shot. However, the turn away takes the toe end of the bat and the ball flies up in the air towards long off where Phil Salt settles under it to take a nice catch. Smith is livid with himself as he missed out on a well deserved hundred here. Australia lose their fifth.

Marcus Stonis walks out to the middle.

06:56 AM

Over 43: AUS 231/4 (Smith 92 Marsh 38)

Sam Curran delivers a back of a length and outside off and Steve Smith cuts it towards sweeper covet for a single. He then delivers a slower one full and on off, Mitchell Marsh pushes it towards mid off for a run,

Curran bangs this short and on middle. Steve Smith pulls it towards deep square leg where the fielder covers his ground well to stop it. Only a single.

06:51 AM

Over 42: AUS 219/4 (Smith 84 Marsh 34)

Adil Rashid’s delivery is tossed up, full and on middle! Steve Smith goes for the sweep but gets a top edge. However, luckily for him it lands in no man’s land at the mid-wicket region. They cross!

Smith then loops up, on middle and Steve Smith goes for the drive again but miscues it towards long off. Two runs taken.

06:48 AM

Over 41: AUS 2114/4 (Smith 79 Marsh 34)

Chris Woakes continues in the attack for England and he lands this short, with Smith dragging his pull shot towards deep-mid wicket for a run.

He then bowls a slightly shorter delivery and Marsh goes for the pull shot and did not get it from the middle of the bat, but it still sails over the deep mid-wicket fence for a biggie!

This is a fuller delivery from Woakes and Marsh blocks it off to the off-side.

06:44 AM

Over 40: AUS 204/4 (Smith 75 Marsh 30)

A quality shot from a quality player. Tossed up by Rashid and Smith plays a lovely cover drive and finds the gap towards the deep extra cover region for a boundary.

Smith skips down the track and looks it play it towards the leg side. However, he gets a leading edge that falls well short or long off for a single.

Rashid then bowls it fuller and on the pads. Marsh sweeps it to deep square leg for a single. Steve Smith pulls his length on middle and he tucks it to the leg side for another single.

06:41 AM

Over 39: AUS 196/4 (Smith 71 Marsh 30)

Nice bowling from Woakes. It lands it on a length, around off. The ball seems in sharply and Smith who tries to push it towards the off-side, misses. The ball hits him on the thigh pad.

Bows another length delivery and Marsh defends it by showing the full face of the bat here. A slower delivery and on a shortlish length and Marsh dabs it towards backward point.

06:38 AM

Over 38: AUS 195/4 (Smith 70 Marsh 30)

That was nice placement from Steve Smith from Dawson’s delivery. It was flatter and Smith kneels and sweeps it towards the deep backward square left fence for a boundary.

England have taken a review for a LBW decision. Mitchell Marsh is the man in question.

Dawson fires it on middle and Marsh goes for the reverse-sweep but misses. The balls seems to be hitting his pads and there is a huge appeal. The umpire though is unmoved and Ali after the discussion with Billings goes for a review. The replays roll in and the ball tracking shows that the ball is going over the stumps. So, Marsh will continue and England lose the review.

06:33 AM

Over 37: AUS 188/4 (Smith 69 Marsh 24)

Chris Woakes is back on. He bangs it short and angles it towards the body. Marsh tries to pull but misses. The ball hits him near his ribs and rolls towards the off side. A leg bye is taken.

On a length and outside off. Marsh decides to leave it alone as the ball goes off the bounce to the keeper. Another dote to end the over. Lands on a length and Marsh makes a solid block. Just three from the over.

06:30 AM

Over 36: AUS 185/4 (Smith 63 Marsh 24)

Dawson looks to bowl flatter on the middle and Marsh goes back and pushes it back to the bowler. Wow, powerful shot by Marsh and Dawon angles it into the middle and Marsh kneels to sweep it towards the square leg fence for a boundary.

He goes then fuller and Marsh blocks it off the front foot. You feel can Australia up the ante now in Sydney?

06:27 AM

Over 35: AUS 179/4 (Smith 63 Marsh 18)

This is full and outside off from David Willey and Marsh drills is through cover-point for a single. A touch fuller this time, on middle and Marsh knocks it to the off-side.

Another dot! David Willey bowls this on a good length and around of, Mitchell  Marsh knocks it to the off-side. Full and outside off again, Marsh accepts the width on offer and flashes it towards sweeper cover for a single.

06:25 AM

Over 34: AUS 176/4 ( Smith 61 Marsh 17)

Drinks break: England have done well to get two wickets in quick succession in these middle overs. Australia were going along well with that third wicket partnership but Rashid has brought back England in this game. Australia still have plenty of firepower in their line-up and would be looking to up the ante a abit from hereon.

However, a wicket or two quickly here can put more pressure on the hosts and England will be hoping for a good show in this final passage of the first half. Let’s see how the action unfolds in Sydney as Liam Dawson is back on.

A quicker one from Dawson and Smith uses his feet and pushes it back to the bowler. His next delivery, is a tad short and Steve Smith goes back and punches it down to long off for a single.

Dawson then angles this one into the batter, Steve Smith punches it towards the left of the bowler where Dawson dives to collect the ball. A decent over from Dawson.

06:19 AM

Over 33: AUS 174/4 (Smith 61 Marsh 15)

Willey delivery is full and Steve Smith drives it towards mid off where the fielder dives to his right to stop it. A single is taken. Full again and around off, Marsh carves it through point for a run.

David Willey bowls a pace on delivery, full and on, angling away a bit. Steve Smith goes for the drive on the up, but gets beaten on the outside edge.

This is pitched up, on middle and leg. Mitchell Marsh clips it past mid-on for a couple of runs. He goes then goes fuller and outside off, shaping away and Mitchell Marsh lets it through the keeper.

06:16 AM

Over 32: AUS 169/4 ( Smith 58 Marsh 14)

Rashid’s floats full and outside off. Mitchell Marsh sweeps it towards deep mid-wicket for a single. Oh dear! It is called a no ball for overstepping. Free hit coming up.

Clever from Rashid as Steve Smith gets into position for a switch-hit. Rashid sees this and bowls a flatter delivery down the leg side, Steve Smith fails to connect.

06:13 AM

Over 31: AUS 166/4 (Smith 57 Marsh 11)

Three dots in a row for David Willey. As he bowls this on a good length and around off, shaping away sharply. Mitchell Marsh looks to play at it but misses. Hint of some reverse swing there.

A single to end the over. This is back of a length and on off, angling away, Mitchell Marsh guides it towards point for a single.

06:10 AM

Over 30: AUS 164/4 (Smith 56 Marsh 10)

Adil Rashid’s delivery is tossed up and on off. Marsh gets low and sweeps it nicely towards deep and square leg for a boundary. Powerful shot.

Touch shorter and Marsh punches it covers for a single. A poor delivery and it’s punished by Smith. As he rocks back and pulls it to deep mid-wicket for a boundary.

Tossed up delivery and Smith again drives it to sweeper cover for a single. An expensive over for Adil Rashid, 12 runs from it.

06:02 AM

Over 29: AUS 152/4 (Smith 50 Marsh 4)

David Willey enters into the attack and on the shorter side. He angles it on the pads and Smith tucks it to the leg side for a single.

And now it’s fifty for Steve Smith. This man just knows how to make use of his good form. He keeps scoring runs without much fuss and would be looking to get a big one here. Back of a length and around off. Smith guides it to deep backward point for a single.

Willey delivers a back of length and around off to Marsh who steers it towards third man of the match.

Apologies but just going back to Alex Carey’s dismissal, you have to love Sam Billing’s part in it. When Carey was taking his guard he was saying to Ali “He’s going to sweep first ball ain’t he? He’s going to top edge and sweep.”

He was right about the shot, if not the mode of dismissal.

Mind games?

05:50 AM

Over 28: AUS 146/4 (Smith 45 Marsh 2)


Labuschagne 58 c Roy b Rashid

This is skillful stuff from Rashid and Labuschagne departs after a fine fifty. He bowls a tossed up delivery on off. It’s a normal leg-spinner this time and Marnus Labuschagne goes for his trademark sweep shot. However, the ball turns and find the top edge of his bat. It loops up in the air towards mid-off and Jason Roy is there to take an easy catch. An important breakthrough for England!


Carey 0 st Billings b Rashid

Out and stumped! Alex Carey departs for a golden duck and Rashid is on a hat-trick now! Rashid is showing all his class here. Bowls a googly to the left-hander first up. It is pitched around off and turns away. Carey goes for a sweep shot but misses and Billings collects the ball to whips the bails off in a flash. There is an appeal for the stumping the leg umpire takes it upstairs. The third umpire checks if there is any bat involved. There is no bat there but the replays after that show that Carey has nothing behind the crease and he has to walk back. England are back in this game now!

Mitchell Marsh is the next batter in for Australia.. A flatter delivery on the pads and Marsh clips it to deep-mid wicket for a couple.

05:41 AM

Over 26: AUS 142/2 (Smith 45 Labuschagne 55)

David Willey comes back into the attack. He has conceded 12 runs in his two overs. Bowls it fuller and on off. Smith drives is straight to mid-off.

He again bowls another fullish delivery and Smith drives again and find the mid-off fielder again. He is disappointed with that.

No he can’t. Smith finds the boundary off the last delivery! A length delivery, around off. Smith uses his bottom hand and chips is over mid-on for a boundary. Quality shot from the quality bowler.

05:36 AM

Over 25: AUS 138/2 (Smith 41 Labuschagne 55)

Liam Dawson delivery is tossed up and Labuschagne skips down the track and pushes it to long for a single. Shorter in length on middle. Smith rocks back and pulls it uppishly towards deep mid-wicket for a couple.

Dawson drags his length back again, outside off. Smith cuts it deep point and for a single. Six from the over, these two are milking away quite nicely.

05:32 AM

Over 24: AUS 132/2 (Smith 40 Labuschagne 55)

Good cricket all around as Sam Curran delivers full and on middle. Steve Smith knocks it back towards the bowler where Sam Curran collects it and hits the stumps at the batter’s end quickly. Smith is back at his crease and the ball deflects to the leg side as the batters take a run.

And that’s fifty for Labuschagne! Sam Curran lands this short and on middle, Marnus Labuschagne pulls it towards deep square leg for a single. This has been a good knock and at a good strike rate as well. He will now look to convert it into a big score now.

05:27 AM

Over 23: AUS 124/2 (Smith 38 Labuschagne 49)

Dawson is back into the attack and his delivery is tossed up, full and on middle. Steve Smith uses his feet and lobs it towards the mid-wicket for a brace.

Short and outside off, Steve Smith cuts it towards a deep point for a single. It’s a flatter delivery down the leg side, Marnus Labuschagne looks for the flick but misses and gets hit on the pads.

Shortish and on middle, Marnus Labuschagne makes room and punches it through cover for a single. Floated and full on off, Steve Smith works it towards long off for one more.

05:23 AM

Over 22: AUS 119/2 (Smith 33 Labuschagne 49)

This is full and outside off from Sam Curran as Labuschagne drives it slightly uppishly but wide of cover-point for a single.

A slower one now, full and on off, which Labuschagne whips it through mid-wicket for a run. Another flower delivery, on a yorker length, slightly shaping away a bit as Steve Smith digs it out towards mid-on.

Curran lands this short and outside off, angling away as Smith goes for the pull shot but bunts onto the ground with the inner half of his bat.

05:20 AM

Over 21: AUS 115/2 (Smith 29 Labuschagne 49)

A good shot from Labuschagne as Dawson tosses it up, on middle. The Australian batsman skips down the track and thrashes it over the bowler’s head for a boundary.

Shorter in length from Liam Dawson, as Labuschagne cuts it towards deep point for a single. Then, he delivers a floater, which Smith pushes it towards cover.

05:16 AM

Over 20: AUS 108/2 (Smith 28 Labuschagne 43)

Sam Curran bangs in a bouncer, on middle but it takes off from the surface and goes over Smith and Sam Billings cannot do anything as well as the ball races towards the fence for a boundary. It should have been called a wide as it was was above head height of Smith.

Curran goes touch fuller and on off, Steve Smith blocks it out. He then ends the over with a slower one, full and on off. Steve Smith waits for it and drills it towards mid off.

05:13 AM

Over 19: AUS 102/2 ( Smith 26 Labuschagne 39)

Labuchagne brings out his sweep shot again and he plays it bit uppishly but in the gap towards the deep mid-wicket region for a couple.

Dawson’s delivery it driven long off for a single by Labuschagne. 100 comes up for Australis as Smith knocks down his full delivery on middle to long on for a single.

It is a touch shorter from Dawson, which Labuschagne punches it to the the sweeper cover for a single.

05:09 AM

Over 18; AUS 96/2 (Smith 25 Labuschagne 34)

Drinks Australia started well but soon after England got back into the game with two quick wickets. However, Steve Smith and Marnus Labuschagne are going well and they look set to score big. England need to break this partnership. Another exciting session of cricket awaits us. Sam Curran comes into the attack now.

Curran serves it on a good length, around off. Angles across the batter and Marnus Labuschagne gets beaten on the outside edges as he tries to defend it.  On a length, Labuschagne drives to the cover fielder this time. A cutter which Labuschagne steers it towards third man for a single.

And the 50 partnership is up! It has been a busy partnership! Curran delivers a fullish delivery which Smith delivers it to a sweeper cover for a couple.

05:03 AM

Over 17: AUS 91/2 ( Smith 24 Labuschagne 30)

A fuller delivery which Marnus Labuschagne drives it covers. Dawson angles it into the middle, as Labuschagne drives it to short-mid wicket.

Shorter in length, on off. Labuschagne goes deep in his crease and punches it sweeper cover for a single. Shortish length again and around off. Smith cuts it deep point for a couple. These tow are going along nicely here.

05:00 AM

Over 16: AUS 86/2 (Smith 20 Labuschagne 29)

Rashid’s delivery to Smith is tossed up, on middle which Smith flicks it to deep mid-wicket for a single. A four for Labuschagne which was swept beautifully that is tossed up. Marnus Labuschagne gets low and sweeps it infront of square for a boundary.

Almost a full toss on middle. Labuschagne sweeps it firmly to deep square leg for a single this time. Angling into the leg and quicker, Smith clips it to square leg for a single.

Tossed up, on middle. Labuschagne drives it to long for a single. 8 runs from the over.

04:55 AM

Over 15: AUS 78/2 (Smith 19 Labuschagne 22)

England welcome Liam Dawson to the attack. His first delivery is tossed up and on off. Marnus Labuschagne skips down the track and drives it off the inside half on his bat to mid-wicket.

Touch shorter, Labuschagne punches it to sweeper cover for a single. Dawson pulls his length back on, on off. Smith punches it to the cover fielder this time.

Slower through the air, as Smith drives it back to the bowler again. A little shorter in length and on middle, Smith goes deep in his crease and punches it to long on for a single.

04:50 AM

Over 14:AUS 76/2 (Smith 18 Labuschagne 21)

Rashid continues in the attack and delivers a short and around off, Labuschagne goes back and cuts it through point for a single.

Tossed up, fullish and on middle as Steve Smith mistimes his drive back to the bowler. Shortish and on middle, Steve Smtih slaps it down to long for a single. Adil Rashid floated this up, on middle, turning away sharply, Marnus Labuschagne reacts late but manages to keep it out.

04:46 AM

Over 13: AUS 70/2 ( Smith 15 Labuschagne 18)

Rashid’s delivery is tossed up and full and on off, as Labuschagne drills it towards long off for a single. Flighted, full and on off, turning away and Steve Smith pushes it towards short covers.

Looped up delivery on middle Steve Smith knocks it back towards the right of the bowler where Rashid fails to stop it. A single is taken.

Flatter, full and around off, Labuschagne reaches for it and hits it straight to short cover. A googly now from Rashid. He bowls his full and outside off, Labuschagne goes for the sweep, but misses it.

04:42 AM

Over 12: AUS 67/2 (Smith 15 Labuschagne 15)

Good intent from Marnus Labuschagne as Ali’s delivery is tossed up and around off, as Labuschagne skips down the track and lofts it towards the vacant long off fence for a boundary.

A bit short and on middle, Steve Smith works it towards deep square leg for a single. A slower delivery through the air on middle, Steven Smith works it towards mid-wicket.

04:34 AM

Over 10: AUS 53/2 ( Smith 10 Labuschagne 6)

Labuschagne comes out to the middle now. As Moeen Ali’s delivery is tossed up, on middle and Smith works it to square leg for a single.

Marnus Labuschagne is off the mark straightaway. This turning into middle, as Labuschagne plays it with soft hands towards the leg side for a single.

Turn again! This pitched on off and turns sharply into middle Smith though manages to defend it towards the leg side. Great use of foot from Labuschagne and this is his first six in ODIs. Ali tosses this up and off as Labuschagne shimmies down the track, reaches the pitch of the ball and launches it over long for a maximum.

04:29 AM

Over 9: AUS 43/2 (Smith 6 Head 19)

Woakes has been excellent in this last couple of overs, finding his length on this pitch and varying his pace.

The ball is banged in and Travis Head tried to pull t but was crammed for room and the ball looped kindly to Moeen Ali.

Suddenly, this looks like a very good start for the visitors.

04:23 AM


Head 19 c Ali b Woakes

Travis head departs and this is smart bowling from Chris Woakes. After bowling a slower delivery, he goes for a pacy short delivery angling into the body. Head who plays the pull shot quite well, goes for it. However, he is hurried by this short delivery and the ball loops up in the air of the top half of his bat.

Moeen Ali at short mid-wicket takes an easy catch and Australia lose both their openers now.

04:20 AM

Over 8: AUS 42\1 (Smith 5 Head 19)

The England captain enters into the attack once more and it’s a tossed delivery on off which Smith paddles it fine towards the fine leg region for three runs. Good running and good shot from Smith.

A fuller delivery on middle as Head drives it to mid on for a single. A flatter one this time from Ali as Smith goes deep in his crease and tucks it towards the leg side.

Ali’s final delivery is fired quicker on middle as Head pushes it back to the bowler. Another excellent over from the England captain.

04:14 AM

Over 7: AUS 37/1 (Smith 0 Head 19)

Woakes starts the over with a back of a length and around off. Head slashes hard at it but misses. Angling on pads, it’s a length ball and Head tucks it behind square on the leg side for a single.

Chris Woakes lands it on a good length, on off. Steve Smith is solid on his front foot defence. Smith did look in great touch in the first ODI and let’s see how he goes about his business in this game.

On no, mix-up but no damage done for Australia. On a length and around off, Smith defends it towards backwards point and Head calls for a single. Smith hesitates at the start but then decides to run through for a single. The throw from the fielder is at the non-striker’s end but he misses as Smith puts in a dive to make his ground.

04:10 AM

Over 6: AUS 35/1 (Warner 16 Head 18)

That was a good over from Moeen Ali, just two from it and the wicket of David Warner slows Australia’s early charge.

That brings in Steve Smith to the crease and he says he felt as good as he was in six years in the first ODI. Smith returning to form as an Ashes series approaches. Brilliant for England fans.

03:59 AM

Over 5: AUS 33/0 (Warner 16 Head 17)

Warner looks in fine touch as Chris Woakes lands this short and outside off, David Warner backs away a little bit and carves it over point for a boundary. Woakes delivers a fuller one and on middle, Warner pushes it towards mid off for a quick single.

Woakes bowls to Head on hard length and on off Travis Head looks to flick it, but gets an outside edge but it falls away short of the third man fielder. His final delivery is on a length and on leg, as Warner flicks is towards fine leg for one.

03:52 AM


Warner 16 c Dawson b Moeen 

That is brilliant captaincy from the England stand-in! Ali needs just two balls to make the breakthrough. Warner sweeps knowing that if he beat the in-field, it’s four.

He didn’t beat the field and picked out Liam Dawson at square left. A smart catch and a big wicket for England.

Australia's David Warner walks from the field after he was dismissed during the one day cricket international between England and Australia - Mark Baker/AP

Australia’s David Warner walks from the field after he was dismissed during the one day cricket international between England and Australia – Mark Baker/AP

03:48 AM

Over 4: 24/0 (Warner 7 Head 17)

Woakes returns to the bowling attack and begins with a back of a length, outside off stump on the back foot cutting. It is well timed in the air under control post deep backward point for four funs.

It has been a solid start from Australia so far. The early signs are that there is not a huge amount in the surface for the seamers, at least not in terms of seam movement.

Woakes did get one to hold in the pitch though, so we will have to see how this develops.

03:43 AM

Over 3: AUS 18/0 (Warner 5 Head 13)

Another over, another boundary for Head. This one is beautifully timed just to the left of mid-on, beating the dive of Moeen Ali and running away to the rope.

Chris Woakes does nearly get David Warner later in the over. The ball just sticks in the pitch as the batsman tried to work iti leg side and he chips it up but just short on mid-on.

You feel David Warner just doesn’t have the pace to concern the Australia openers when the ball isn’t swinging. Even less so when he drags the ball down.

03:33 AM

Over 2: AUS 12/0 (Warner 3 Head 9)

David Willey to share the new ball with Chris Woakes. He starts with a back-of-a-length delivery down the leg. Warner tucks it towards the deep square leg for a brace.

It is good shape from Willey as he bowls this full and outside off, shaping in and then holding its life, Warner leave it alone. Full again and on off, Willey drags it through square left for a single.

A bit of swing for David Willey to finish the over, but too wide and right into the arc of Travis Head, who can nail the ball over cover for this second boundary.

The hosts aren’t going to hang about here, it seems

03:26 AM

OVER 1: AUS 5/0 (Warner 1 Head 5)

Chris Woakes with the first over of the game after David Warner works the first for a single, wide long hop allows Travis Head to thump the next through the covers for four.

That is much better from Woakes after that boundary and he dots Head up for the rest of the over. He nearly snakes the last ball through the left-hander’s but Travis Head gets his bat down just in time,

03:24 AM

We’re ready to go

The Australia openers are out in the middle, so too the England fielders,

We’re ready to go in this second ODI. Play!

03:20 AM

The teams in full

Australia: David Warner, Travis Head, Steve Smith, Marnus Labuschagne, Alex Carey (wk), Mitchell Marsh, Marcus Stoinis, Ashton Agar, Mitchell Starc, Adam Zampa, Josh Hazlwood (c).

England: Jason Roy, Phil Salt, Dawid Malan, James Vince, Sam Billings (wk), Moeen Ali (c), Chris Woakes, Sam Curran, Liam Dawson, David Willey, Adil Rashid.

03:19 AM

Toss news

The first big news is that both teams have decided to rest their captains so it’s Josh Hazelwood captaining Australia for the first time and Moeen Ali out in the middle.

Moeen calls wrong and Australia opt to bat first.

03:02 AM

Good morning

Jos Buttler will be looking for a positive result at the Sydney Cricket Ground on Saturday after their first game since the T20 World Cup final ended in defeat.

Australia claimed a six-wicket victory in Adelaide, and they will wrap up a series victory if they can get the better of England in the second one-day international.

Pat Cummins could not have wished for a better start to his tenure as Australia’s ODI captain after he led his side to a relatively comfortable victory in the first match of the series.

Cummins won the toss and elected to bowl first in what proved to be a smart decision as Australia restricted England to 287-9 following three wickets apiece for the Australian skipper and Adam X

David Warner and Travis Head racked up 86 and 69 respectively to get the run chase off to an ideal start, before Steven Smith steered the innings home with an 80 not out, ensuring that Australia head to Sydney with a 1-0 lead.

The hosts will be looking forward to Saturday’s game after winning their previous four ODI matches at the SCG, although England were the last team to beat Australia in 50-over match at the venue.

The tourists were brought back down to earth in the first ODI after winning the T20 World Cup in Sunday’s final at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Only three players that featured in the final – captain Jos Buttler, Phil Salt and Chris Jordan – played at the Adelaide Oval on Thursday, but many of those that were brought into the side failed to perform.

While the likes of James Vince, Jason Roy and Sam Billings offered very little with the bat, Malan scored 134 from 128 balls to help England set a competitive total.

Ultimately, England were unable to stop Australia from reaching the target with 19 balls to spare, ensuring that Buttler has begun all three of his series as ODI captain with a defeat.

As he looks to secure his first series victory as England’s ODI skipper, Buttler will be keen for his side to draw level in Sydney and set up a series decider.

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