Ronaldo and flirting, the crazy anecdote!

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Former Manchester United physiotherapist Rob Thornley shared a crazy anecdote about Cristiano Ronaldo… and flirting.

Sacred Cristiano Ronaldo. During his time at Manchester United (2003-2009), the Portuguese striker was ready to do anything to dribble past his opponents and… flirt with pretty women! Podcast guest Undr the Cosh, Rob Thornley, former physiotherapist for the Red Devils, released a completely crazy anecdote about CR7 and flirting.

“It was the day before a match, we were at the Lowry hotel. He was having a massage, so he was on my bed and I was rubbing his legs while watching X-Factor on TV. He said to me: ‘Who is this girl?’ It was Dannii Minogue. And he said, ‘Can you give me his number?’ »says Rob Thornley.

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Before continuing his story: “I wondered how I could have his number, I who am a massage therapist at Manchester United. In fact, I’m a man of great means, and within four or five days I have Dannii Minogue’s number in my phone.”.

Ronaldo dropped his Porsche against… a phone number

Some time later, Cristiano Ronaldo reiterated by asking this same Rob Thornley to get him this time the phone number of singer Kimberly Kaye Wyatt, former member of the Pussycat Dolls, also on the show X-Factor . “I said to him: ‘What do I gain? I’m trying hard to get girl numbers for you, what’s in it for me?’ “.

The Portuguese then had a rather unusual idea: “Ronaldo was like, ‘OK, do you want my car?’ He had a convertible Porsche Carrera and he said to me: ‘When I go to Real Madrid, I will sell you my car for half price’. And I said okay. It took me ten minutes to get his number and I gave it to him”.

And to conclude his anecdote: “The end of the season is coming and I’m like, ‘Do you remember our deal?’ I gave him 30,000 pounds for a car worth 60,000 pounds, and the next day I sold it for 60,000 pounds! ». Cristiano Ronaldo is a man of his word…

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