Ribéry, the big news

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Officially retired last October, Franck Ribéry wants to stay in football. He announced that he was in the process of taking his coaching diplomas.

After two decades of delighting the supporters of his various clubs, as well as that of football lovers, Franck Ribéry drew the curtain on his career as a professional footballer in October 2022. Undermined by a physique that no longer followed his never satisfied desire to play football, the former tricolor international has shown reason. Since then, he has been assistant to Paulo Sousa, head coach of Salernitana. And the Frenchman would see himself in the role of the Portuguese.

To achieve his goal, Franck Ribéry set to work. This is what he confirmed in a long interview published by Sports Picture. ” Become number one myself? It’s my aim. I am currently preparing to graduate. “A hell of a news from the one who marked the history of Bayern Munich. And if he decided to embark on this adventure, it is partly because he did not mourn his career and the emotions he could feel on the ground.

” I can not live without it “

Occupying the position of coach will allow me to find this adrenaline and this pressure that accompany daily training and matches. “Almost an addiction for Franck Ribéry who himself readily recognized it. ” I can not live without it. I need it to be happy. “While awaiting the famous diplomas, it remains to be seen whether the 39-year-old will be as good as a coach as he was when he was a player.

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