results and ranking of the playoffs (J3)

Between Wednesday and Friday, the 3e CAN 2023 qualifying day took place. Waiting for the 4e day which begins on Sunday, find the complete results of these matches and the classification group by group.

The results of the 3e CAN 2023 qualifying day

  • Sierra Leone 2–2 Sao Tome (Group A)
  • Nigeria 0-1 Guinea-Bissau (Group A)
  • Cape Verde 0-0 Eswatini (Group B)
  • Burkina Faso 1-0 Togo (Group B)
  • Cameroon 1-1 Namibia (Group C)
  • Egypt 2-0 Malawi (Group D)
  • Guinea 2-0 Ethiopia (Group D)
  • Madagascar 0-3 Central African Republic (Group E)
  • Ghana 1-0 Angola (Group E)
  • Uganda 0-1 Tanzania (Group F)
  • Algeria 2-1 Niger (Group F)
  • Mali 2-0 Gambia (Group G)
  • Congo 1-2 South Sudan (Group G)
  • Zambia 3-1 Lesotho (Group H)
  • Ivory Coast 3-1 Comoros (Group H)
  • Gabon 1-0 Sudan (Group I)
  • DR Congo 3-1 Mauritania (Group I)
  • Equatorial Guinea 2-0 Botswana (Group J)
  • Tunisia 3-0 Libya (Group J)
  • South Africa 2-2 Liberia (Group K)
  • Senegal 5-1 Mozambique (Group L)
  • Benin 1-1 Rwanda (Group L)

The group-by-group ranking of the CAN 2023 qualifiers

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The first two of each group will qualify for the final phase.

What to remember from the 3e daytime ?

After Côte d’Ivoire, qualified as host country, the Morocco was the first selection to qualify “on the field” for the final phase which will take place in January-February 2024. The Atlas Lions did not, however, have to play and only benefited from the draw between South Africa and Liberia (2 -2) in this group consisting of only three selections due to the suspension of Zimbabwe.

All groups combined, 5 selections achieve faultless mid-term: Burkina Faso, Algeria, Mali, Senegal and Morocco (2 games played). Showered at home by Guinea Bissau (0-1), Nigeria no longer falls into this category. Moreover, many favorite selections on paper have disappointed at home: Cameroon against Namibia (1-1), Cape Verde, silent against Eswatini (0-0), Sierra Leone, held in failure by Sao Tomé who had suffered two humiliations (2-2), but especially Congo, humiliated 2-1 by South Sudan, and Madagascar, slapped 3-0 by the Central African Republic, plus South Africa therefore.

If the DR Congo managed to take off against Mauritania (3-1), on the other hand, Benin, Madagascar and Togo have still not won and are starting to see the qualification move away…

Romain Lantheaume

Romain Lantheaume

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