“Really happy to be in the final”

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After her success in two sets over Maria Camila Osorio in the semi-finals of the WTA tournament in Lyon, Caroline Garcia confided her satisfaction with her level of play and the fact of playing in front of her relatives. The Habs are also wary of Alycia Parks, their opponent this Sunday.

Caroline Garcia will be there for the final in Lyon. In front of her audience, the world number 5 made short work of Maria Camila Osorio to pass the milestone of the semi-finals. A success from which the Lyonnaise draws a lot of positives. “It was a solid game and I’m really happy with the performance today (Saturday)she confided to the press in remarks collected by the daily The Team. I’ve really ramped up from the start of the week and it’s a match that I had a lot of fun playing and I’m really happy to be in the final. “Playing in her city, Caroline Garcia does not shun the pleasure of being able to play in front of her relatives. “Tennis is a sport where we play around the world and often very far away so there is never anyone who can come to see you, she recalled. Here, it’s a bit of luck that I have. The family comes, my grandmother comes every day since the beginning of the week. I love sharing so it’s obviously very nice to hear them in the stands. There are friends, those who are from here, from Paris. They make the ‘effort’ to come to be able to experience this with me and that means a lot. »

Garcia: “Try to unpin her a bit”

This Sunday, Caroline Garcia will play the fifteenth final of her victory with a potential twelfth title at stake. A success that the Lyonnaise claims to owe to daily work. ” You want to go to the end of the tournament, to win the trophy, she assured the press. On the last day, you know you’re a finalist but also that you can get more and that, It suits my style of play well.. For the title, her opponent will be Alycia Parks, whose first final on the main circuit. A duel that the French presents as being between two players “full of confidence from these four victories”. The number 1 seed did not escape an early analysis of the American’s game. “She is a player who uses her power a lot, who hits hard on both sides quite flat, assured Caroline Garcia. Inevitably she will give me winning moves but we will have to accept them and move on to the next point. Trying to loosen her up a bit by playing my style of play and focusing on what I can do to put more pressure on her. “A game plan that the Lyonnaise intends to put into practice.

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