Real Madrid hold their final

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The Spanish European champions dominated the Egyptians of Al-Ahly (4-1) on Wednesday in the semi-finals of the Club World Cup. Real Madrid will play for the title against the Saudis of Al-Hilal.

Despite a good line-up of absenteesReal Madrid enforced their status as reigning European champions against the finalist of the last African Champions League.

Wednesday evening, on the lawn of the Prince Moulay Abdellah stadium in Rabat, the Spaniards won 4-1 ahead of Al-Ahly.

Despite the penalty converted by Maaloul (2-1, 64th), the Egyptians could not take advantage of the momentum. The fault in particular of Afsha who harvested the 2-2 five minutes later (69th).

Rodrygo (3-1, 90e+2) and Arribas (4-1, 90e+8) proved, on the contrary, skilful to definitively seal the fate of this second semi-final of the Club World Cup.

Vinicius (42e) and Valverde (47e) had put Real on the right track a little earlier, again in key moments, just before the break and at the very start of the second half.

After the formation of Cairo, that of Carlo Ancelotti has an appointment on Saturday in the final with Al-Hilal. The Saudis of Riyadh had created a sensation the day before by leaving the Brazilians of Flamengo (3-2).

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