PSG, new thunderbolt announced!

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The end of Paris Saint-Germain is near. It is Daniel Riolo’s prediction which makes the link with the possible move of the Parisian club to the Stade de France.

The busy news of Paris Saint-Germain does not only revolve around the sporting side. In addition to the title race in which the capital club is once again engaged, the tensions linked to the Galtier affair and those concerning the club’s possible move to the Stade de France side are causing a lot of talk. And it is on this last point that Daniel Riolo spoke. Like some former club members who have already expressed themselves forcefully on the subject, the journalist was sharp.

As often, Daniel Riolo went straight to the point when discussing the probable filing of Qatar’s file to transfer his club to Seine Saint-Denis. ” So the PSG is preparing to go to the SDF… and the Paris City Hall is pushing the PFC to the Parc… I have believed all my life in the idea that you could never cut with your club… The Qataris will succeed in that. Changing the DNA of a club and even the public… What horror. »

The end of the club?

And about this public that would fill the enclosure where the France team was crowned world champion in 1998, the journalist is not more positive. ” Can’t wait to see how they will fill the SDF… In the end, despite all the psgix, it will be empty and the club will sink… Logical process… “It is therefore the end of the club that Daniel Riolo announces if PSG moves for good. A clap of thunder in which the real Parisian supporters still and always refuse to believe.

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