PSG: Mbappé is the hope in Munich … and for the future

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PSG celebrated in style Friday evening the last record reached by Kylian Mbappé, overtaking Cavani as the top scorer in the history of the club. With his goal against Nantes in the 92nd minute, he surpassed the 200 goal mark and, incidentally, his former Uruguayan teammate. But more than that, the striker’s statements after the match were celebrated, declaring his love for the club and disconnecting his future from what’s happening in the Champions League.

Nasser al Khelaifi listened with pleasure to the statements of his player from Doha, where he is attending the second Premier Padel Major Ooredoo in his city, with the Argentine final this afternoon starting at 4:30 p.m. in Spain between Fernando Belasteguín and Sanyo Gutiérrez against Martin di Nenno and Franco Stupaczuk. For the president of PSG, who leaves like the rest of the team a day ahead of Munich, tomorrow, the great hope of returning to face Bayern after the first leg 0-1 is none other than Kylian.

In the club, his statements are not only taken as a strategy to close ranks for the decisive match against the Germans in the round of 16, but in the background remains the eternal debate about the years in which the striker will fulfill his contract with his club after last September L’Équipe revealed that it is the player who decides to execute his third year of contract, until 2025, or to be released in 2024.

The 2+1 of his contract

Some media have published that there is a specific deadline by which the player must announce his decision to the club in time. There is no doubt that the two parties, when signing this new contract, agreed not to come to the situation experienced last May in order to give both parties time to take the most important decisions in time. beneficial to their interests. It is obvious that if the player, something which is not envisaged in the club, comes by surprise and announces that he wants to leave after two years, it would be more advantageous economically to put him on the market this summer and to recover the largest investment made by a player in the history of the sport. Offers for Kylian, especially from the Prime Minister, were not going to be lacking, waiting for what Real Madrid would also decide in case the star was back on the market.

However, Kylian’s words are also interpreted from Paris as a wink from Mbappé to fulfill these three years of contract, even if he clarifies once again that his objectives are not only personal, with the Ballon d’ Gold on the horizon, but also collective. in the form of titles. “Will the match against Bayern have an impact on my future? I do not think so. If I had tied my future to the Champions League, and didn’t want to disrespect the club, I would have come a long way! (laughs). I am very happy here, and for the moment I am only thinking of making PSG happy”, he commented.

“Playing here is a privilege. I came here as a young player. I learned a lot here, also as a man. Playing at PSG, even more so for me as a Parisian by birth, is special”, added the striker, who underlined that things remained to be done in Paris. “I’ve always said that I wanted to make history in France, in the capital, in my country, in my city. And I’m working on it, but there’s still a long way to go. It’s a personal goal (the record goal), but I’m here to meet the collective goals as well”.

The club’s bet: everything in Mbappé

PSG are clear that Mbappé is and will be the leader of this team because of his quality and for a simple matter of time because he already is with his team. In Qatar, they expect nothing more than to see the striker score goals and be happy at Parque de los Príncipes and so far they haven’t considered anything else. While it is true that the striker expressed his displeasure with some of the entity’s maneuvers a long time ago, now everything seems to be on the right track and they are confident that the player, as he said yesterday, will continue to be happy in Paris and will decide to do this optional third year.

Al Khelaifi achieved what seemed impossible, that Kylian renewed his contract, and since then only ten months have passed, so it is understood that it does not make much sense now to come back with rumors about the future of the player. It is obvious that losing in Munich would be a very hard blow, but everyone in Paris confided in their big star. Kylian led the comeback campaign. At the club, they see him engaged like never before. And they are convinced that it will be so.

Top 5 Paris Saint Germain top scorers
Kylian Mbappe, 201 goals

Edinson Cavani, 200 goals

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, 156 goals

Neymar Da Silva, 118 goals

Pedro Miguel Carreiro, “Pauleta”, 109 goals

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