priority to France? The development of the Cheikh Niasse clan

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The Senegal team can she write off Cheikh Niasse? While the 23-year-old defensive midfielder put an end to the hopes of lionshis adviser then made a clarification.

In an interview given to Foot Mercatothe native of Gossas (Senegal) initially closed the door to recent African championspreferring the France A or Espoirs team. “It would really please those around me if I joined the Senegal team, I think they would be proud, but we are also Frenchsaid the man who spent his childhood in Boulogne-sur-Mer. I was born in Senegal, but I arrived in France when I was 2 years old. I grew up in France, I played in France, it would be a dream to join the French team. When you’re called up there, whether it’s for the youngsters or the A’s, it’s always a pleasure. »

Cheick Niasse flirts with Ripoll

For Niasse, a career with the Espoirs tricolores would be in line with his career with the Bleuets, he who has climbed all the levels, from the U16s to the U19s. “Yes in U16, in U17, in U19. I was always called, but I was not French yet. In U20, I obtained French nationality and I was selected. I went to selection. Unfortunately, it was before the Euro, I got injured at Clairefontaine and I couldn’t participate in the Euro. But it was a good experience, I only got positive things out of it”said the player trained at LOSC, who did not miss the opportunity to make a foot call to Sylvain Ripoll, the coach of the France Espoirs team, a few months before the Euro in the category. “He (Sylvain Ripoll, editor’s note) took a player who already plays in the Swiss championship (Andy Diouf who plays at FC Basel, editor’s note), it’s because he follows the championship and he knows me and he must keep an eye on me. He should have even called me (laughs)”he amused himself.

A complicated end to the season

Inevitably, these words caused a stir in Senegal. So much so that his adviser Moustapha Kamara denied it on Facebook. “Cheikh Niasse (…) did not choose France nor dream of playing for France as he was relayed everywhere. His words were twisted“, assured the lawyer, before restoring the real words, according to him, of his client: “I prefer Senegal but I do not close the door for France where I have lived since I was 2 years old and where I played in the national team U17 U19 and U20. My parents and my grandparents live there.

Obviously, Niasse therefore wants to leave the door open to the Lions. Anyway, to start, the former Northerner would be well advised to find some playing time with the Young Boys of Bern. Author of an achievement and a decisive pass in 30 appearances this season in all competitions with the Yellow and Black, Cheick Niasse has lost his starting position since his return from suspension in early March. Barred by competition, the former resident of Panathinaikos must now be content with bits of matches as a substitute.

“Everything has been going very well since my arrival, after I haven’t played for 6 games, finally I am a substitute in any case and I start on the bench. I am in competition with a player from the club, he is a Swiss, he has won titles with them. Before, I played. Unfortunately, I was suspended and missed a game and this player played for me. Then he played another match for tactical reasons and then it went on like that and since then I’ve started as a substitute. I see a little how it will go, I speak with my father and with my lawyer so that things move forward “, explained the 1.88m right-hander. The player does not rule out leaving at the end of the season to save playing time elsewhere. His profile would also greatly please the German teams who would have inquired about him.

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