Pogba, towards a stop at the Blues?

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Paul Pogba is gradually finding the rhythm and playing time with Juventus. What to consider a return to the selection next June? A hypothesis that could displease his club.

Paul Pogba and the France team, the story stopped for a very long month. More than a year after his last selection (March 29, 2022, in a friendly against South Africa), the midfielder is gradually returning to the surface. The past year has been particularly trying for the French entangled in an extortion case against him, but also the victim of repeated injuries. What to miss the 2022 World Cup, but especially two thirds of the season with his club. At a time when he is finally finding some sensations, Paul Pogba is aiming for a return to the Blues next June. But not sure that this prospect suits Juventus.

Particularly scalded by the way “la Pioche” managed his right knee injury which he had first decided to treat without having surgery (before a relapse which forced him to go to the pool table last September), there Old lady could take a dim view of Pogba’s return to the Blues. Because even if the impression that the French midfielder leaves since his return with his few encouraging appearances in the bianconero jersey is good, caution remains in order and according to The Team, Juventus would prefer to continue to spare their player, even if it means seeing him spend a quiet summer to ensure that he is back in top form at the start of next season.

To Deschamps the last word

Anyway, the final word will go to Didier Deschamps since the tricolor coach will be able to summon Paul Pogba if he considers that France needs him to face Gibraltar (June 16) and Greece (June 19), as part of qualifying for Euro 2024. Even if it wanted to do so, Juventus would have a hard time putting a stop to the Blues so that they recover Paul Pogba at the very end of spring.

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