March 26, 2023

Despite the dark season experienced by Paul Pogba, Juventus Turin has no intention of parting with his midfielder.

Paul Pogba’s comeback to Juventus Turin is not going as expected. Consequence of serial injuries which have reduced him to two meager appearances since the start of the season. What fuel some rumors that the Old Lady wanted to separate from his star player.

Asked after the Europa League meeting against Fribourg, Francesco Calvo spoke about the situation of the former Mancunian, debunking the rumors. “Paul is the first to be unhappy with the situation, he confided to the microphone of Sky Sports. We have not decided to get rid of him. He arrived at Juve at 19, he knows us, he knows that we are like a family that gives a lot and demands a lot. We believe in him a lot, otherwise we wouldn’t have signed a four-year contract. He knows what we expect as a commitment, we talk to him every day, he knows that we are close but that we are not happy, just like he is not happy. »

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