Pogba ‘brutalised’ at Manchester United

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When he arrived at Manchester United, Paul Pogba was subjected to the harsh treatment meted out to newcomers by Paul Scholes.

When he arrived at Manchester United from Le Havre in the summer of 2009, Paul Pogba was already considered one of the great footballing stars of tomorrow. However, “la Pioche” did not succeed in imposing itself within Red Devils at the time dominating in the Premier League at the same time as imposing on the European scene. During training, the young tricolor was even entitled to the somewhat special treatment offered by Paul Scholes to young talents in the making.

This is what Rio Ferdinand said at the microphone of BT Sports. Former Mancunian executive, the defender turned consultant remembered the way Paul Scholes acted. ” You know, when young guys come in, managers like to see ’em rockin’“, he started before continuing on the Pogba case. ” Paul Pogba was a super gifted young player. ‘Scholsey’, in particular, used to rock it. I don’t know if he saw it as a threat, but he was swinging and hitting him. »

“It builds character”

Particularly trying training sessions for Paul Pogba, but for Rio Ferndinand, all this will have allowed him to progress. ” He was so strong and powerful Paul, with his great footwork, and he was holding ‘Scholsey’ down, so the latter just kicked him and he was on the ground saying ‘What is happening ?’ And we kept playing. It’s part of the game and builds character. »

Paul Pogba finally left United in 2012, heading to Juventus, before returning four years later with a star status that he never really managed to confirm under the Mancunian colors. The Frenchman, crowned world champion in 2018, returned to the Old lady Turin last summer.

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