OM in the middle of a nightmare

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The elimination conceded against Annecy in the quarter-finals of the Coupe de France is worth very severe criticism to the Marseillais.

Olympique de Marseille was left with a new disappointment. Three days after their defeat in the Classic when OM imagined they could come back two lengths from PSG, the Olympian club was sadly eliminated in the quarter-finals of the Coupe de France by Annecy, resident of Ligue 2.

“It’s worse than a rotten week, it’s a nightmare and you lose almost everything, did not fail to underline Daniel Riolo at the microphone of RMC at the end of the meeting. It’s not that the title is lost, but what little hope there was has completely collapsed. Behind it was much more credible to win the Coupe de France, a title that OM have been waiting for for a long time. Since 1989 their last Coupe de France. And there, they make a lamentable match. »

“The way they approach this match, you quickly feel that it can be difficult, that it can go wrong. The mental approach is not good, there is a little bit of complacency“, he continued, adding: “Really, OM are 100% guilty. (…) In addition, the public was there in large numbers, they broke records and came to more than 60,000. If I were the Marseille public, I wouldn’t be happy. What OM are doing this Wednesday evening is not good. They did not insult football, but not far. »

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