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Oakland A’s fans fight each other outside the Coliseum as franchise move to Las Vegas edges closer

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You support the same team! Oakland A’s fans fight each other outside the Coliseum as tensions boil over – while the Las Vegas move gathers pace

The Oakland A’s have not had an easy season so far, by any means, and things aren’t set to improve anytime soon after a group fans appeared to turn on each other after a home game over the weekend, with the franchise’s impending move to Las Vegas edging closer. 

On Saturday, footage from outside the Coliseum showed a rather large group of fans caught in several fights between one another and by the stadium’s entrance. 

It’s unclear if the brawls occurred after The A’s lost to the Houston Astros at home, 10-1, on Sunday, which concluded a series sweep from the reigning World Series champions.

In the video, it seems like two different fights were taking place at the same time. In one of them, a group of Oakland fans can be seen swinging punches at each other while others are trying to get out of the way. 

There were also a few peacemakers in green and yellow who were trying to prevent any serious injuries from taking place, although the person seemingly recording the altercations looked like he was having fun, tweeting the footage with a face of tears of joy emoji. 

Oakland A’s fans were caught in several fight after a recent home game at Oakland Coliseum

Peacemakers tried to prevent any injuries from taking place after probably yet another loss

The latest development in Oakland comes following an announcement from team  executives stating that they’ve reached an agreement with elected Nevada officials to move the franchise out of Northern California – where it’s been established since 1968 – to Las Vegas for the 2027 season.

‘This agreement follows months of negotiations between the state, the county, and the A’s, and I believe it gives us a tremendous opportunity to continue building on the professional sports infrastructure of southern Nevada,’ said Nevada Gov. Joe Lombardo in a statement last week. 

‘Las Vegas is clearly a sports town, and Major League Baseball should be a part of it.’ 

The A’s have been stymied in their attempts to get a new stadium in the Bay Area and instead turned to the site of the Tropicana hotel and casino.

The fist fights come after team officials confirmed the franchise’s move to Las Vegas

The A’s lost all three games against the Houston Astros over the weekend, including a 10-1 loss

Per a report from the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the landmark Tropicana would be torn down, and the stadium would occupy nine acres of the 35-acre site. A resort could be built on the excess land later.

The Los Angeles Times further reported that a quick approval could lead to the A’s leaving Oakland after the 2023 season, despite the lease there not expiring until the end of 2024.

They would share the ballpark of their Triple-A team, the Las Vegas Aviators, while their stadium is under construction. 

The A’s have the worst MLB record out of any team in the league, sitting at 10-45 overall this season.

 Oakland also has an average attendance of 8,886 fans through their first 28 games, also finishing last in trying to fill in seats this year out of any other ballclub. 

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