Nkunku, “his father should be afraid!”

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While Christopher Nkunku has signed a pre-contract with Chelsea, the London club is in the grip of great difficulties on the sporting level. A former French coach is worried about him.

What mess did Christopher Nkunku get into? This is perhaps the question that some ask when they remember that the current RB Leipzig player signed a pre-contract with Chelsea last year. A London team in the midst of a sporting slump despite the hundreds of millions of euros injected by the new owner since his arrival at the head of the club. Former Nkunku coach in Leipzig, Ralf Rangnick is seriously worried.

Asked about the subject at the microphone of ZDF, the one who was briefly the coach of Manchester United during the second part of last season, showed little optimism, indicating first that his ex-player had signed ” much too soon“. And to add in the same tone as ” at the moment no matter who gets to the coaching position, you can’t really recommend anyone to go there (at Chelsea)”.

“It shocks me”

In his remarks relayed by the Dailymail, Rangnick came to the particular case of Nkunku. ” Imagine that he arrives at a club that is in the state it is in now. Such an amazing player. Personally, that shocks me. If I was his adviser or his father, I would be very scared right now. It remains to be seen whether Chelsea will be able to put their heads back in order to offer a completely different face next season. Christopher Nkunku most certainly hopes so.

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