Neymar, a lifestyle that makes you fear the worst…

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While he is off to go through the operation box again, Neymar will have to drastically change his lifestyle, according to a specialist.

The nightmare begins again for Neymar. Hit in the ankle during the Ligue 1 match against Lille in mid-February, the Brazilian will not only miss the Champions League clash against Bayern Munich as expected, but also the entire end of the season. Consequence of the need for the former Barcelonan to go through the operation box in order to treat his recalcitrant ankle.

“Neymar Jr has had several episodes of right ankle instability in recent years. Following his last sprain contracted on February 20, the medical staff of Paris Saint-Germain recommended a ligament repair operation, in order to avoid a major risk of recurrence. All of the experts consulted confirmed this need,” explained the Parisian club in a press release, before mentioning an unavailability of three to four months.

But according to the specialist Jean-Bernard Fabre, doctor in physiology and biomechanics, the operation, as necessary as it is, can only be effective if it is accompanied by a healthy lifestyle at the height. “After all the sprains Neymar has suffered, treating his instability with surgery seems like a wise option. This will not solve the chronic pain that he must probably have but should give him more stability, especially on uneven terrain or during shocks. On the other hand, let’s hope that this dead time will give him the opportunity to realize that he is no longer very young. A medical action as effective as it is will not be able to provide him with infallible protection if he does not also put order in his overall lifestyle.he warned.

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