New disaster for the Blues

According to information from L’Equipe, Gabby Williams may have to give up Eurobasket next month with the France team.

The French women’s basketball team could record a weight loss. Indeed, the Blues, engaged next month at the Eurobasket, may well have to do without Gabby Williams. information revealed by The Team. According to the French sports daily, the best scorer of the Habs at the very last World Cup, where she was then shooting at 15.6 points on average, would currently be insufficiently recovered from her concussion.

The winger has not played a single basketball game since Game 1 of the Women’s League final. A meeting where the main interested party was just making her return, a week after suffering a second concussion in less than a year. A concussion suffered against the Bourges team, on the occasion of the end of the semi-final first leg of the final phase. This Monday evening, against Villeneuve d’Ascq, Williams could not celebrate the title of champion of France won by his ASVEL formation.

After Johannès, Williams…

After this return of symptoms, the French international would therefore be forced to rest at home, after medical examinations carried out on Tuesday. The verdict would be that she would have to observe a total of three weeks of a total stoppage of basketball. With, in addition, a cerebral rehabilitation. It would therefore be a potential future absence of size, after that of Marine Johannès. The latter is currently in conflict with the French Basketball Federation (FFBB), because she wants to go to the United States to sign her WNBA contract. always according to The Team, this Williams package should be acted very quickly by the staff of the France team. This Eurobasket will be held in Slovenia and Israel, between Thursday 15 and Sunday 25 June.

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