NBA: James leaves doubt about his future after the elimination of the Lakers | TV5MONDE

Superstar LeBron James cast doubt on his future as a basketball player after the LA Lakers were eliminated in the Western Conference final of the play-offs on Monday night against Denver, ESPN then claiming that he was considering a possible retirement.

An earthquake for the time being of small magnitude occurred in the NBA, when the American sports media giant, through the voice of one of its reporters who had exchanged with “LBJ” in a corridor of the Arena, said reported that the 38-year-old star is considering the possibility.

A few minutes earlier, James was cryptic in a post-match press conference, answering a question about how he sees the next season.

“We’ll see what happens… I don’t know. I don’t know. I have a lot to think about to be honest. Personally, when it comes to basketball, I have a lot to think about. think”, he said at the end of a sequence which had not until then given the harbingers of such questioning.

Disappointment naturally inhabited him after this conceded 4-0 loss, after a fourth game where he was heroic by planting 31 of his 40 points in the first period alone, beating his personal record in this area.

But he also said that this play-off campaign had been “invigorating”, after having been out of contention for a long time during the regular season.

“I think it went well, although I don’t like to say it’s been a successful year because I’m not playing for anything other than winning titles at this stage of my career,” he said. -he explains.

“I don’t enjoy just making a conference final. I’ve done it, many times. And it’s no fun for me not being able to make a championship final,” he added. .

“LBJ” has two years of contract left with the Lakers, the last of which is optional. However, he has always proclaimed his wish to remain a basketball player until at least 40 years old, in order to play with or against his eldest son Bronny. The latter, who will begin his first university season at the University of Southern California (USC), will be of legal age to possibly be drafted in the NBA during the 2024-2025 campaign.

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