Mourinho’s incredible freakout

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José Mourinho came out of his hinges on Tuesday during the pitiful defeat of AS Roma on the lawn of Cremonese.

AS Roma have lost valuable points in the race for the Champions League. Traveling to Cremonese, bottom in the standings and looking for their first victory before this match, the Gialorossi lost 2-1 in Lombardy. Quickly trailing, the Romans even equalized at the start of the last twenty minutes, but the locals finally had the last word at the very end of the match thanks to a penalty converted by Daniel Ciofani.

José Mourinho could not contain his anger. Whether on the pitch, where he got on the nerves of the fourth referee before being expelled – for the third time in the game – or at a press conference, where he poured out his rage. The fault of remarks deemed so unacceptable by the fourth referee that he is considering legal action.

“Those who have known me for many years know that I am emotional, but not crazy. To have such a reaction means that something serious has happened. Now I want to understand if I can do something from a legal point of view”, he confided in front of the microphones, adding: “The fourth referee (Marco Serra) told Piccinini (the main referee) to send me off but he didn’t honestly say what he told me or how he said it to me. I would like to know if there is an audio, but they told me that what the referees say is not recorded. »

He spoke to me in an unjustifiable way

But the Portuguese technician did not stop there. The former Madrid player continued with a heavy innuendo on the probity of the referee. This one is indeed Turinese and AS Roma must prepare to face Juventus Turin without their coach. Consequence of his exclusion, synonymous with an automatic suspension match. “I don’t want to get into the discussion that he is from Turin, and that in the next game – which I will miss – we will play against Juventus”he launched.

José Mourinho went even further on the so-called outrageous remarks of the fourth referee. “He spoke to me in an unjustifiable way, he exploded. At the end of the match, Piccinini saw me enter the referees’ dressing room and said: ‘I want you to be honest and tell me what happened’, but he has memory problems. and does not remember. His words? I prefer not to say them. If he had told the referee what he had told me, he was the one who was expelled: but he is a liar. If the next day he is ‘in the field’ and I am not, I will not be able to understand this thing. Mr. Serra may be a referee of incredible size on the pitch, he is the next Collina or Rosetti, but as a person I respect him as much as he respects me. »

Before the clash against Juventus, who returned to seventh place despite their 15 penalty points, AS Roma were in fifth place, ten points ahead of the Turin club and one behind Lazio, fourth. and two on Inter Milan and AC Milan, second and third in the standings.

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