Morocco package in Algeria? A deadline falls

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The CAN U17, whose 2023 edition takes place in Algeria, begins on April 29. Uncertainty still hangs over the participation of Morocco, which is one of the qualified.

As had been the case for the CHAN in Algeria at the beginning of the year, we do not yet know if Morocco will be in the game. Fouzi Lekjaa, the Moroccan football boss, had announced that the Moroccan U17 team intends to fly to Algeria by direct flight or nothing. However, as Algeria still maintains the closure of its airspace with its neighbor, a new standoff is foreseeable…

As the competition starts on April 29, the next few days promise to be decisive. Indeed, as recently decided by the Executive Committee of the Confederation of African Football (CAF) in article 27 of the competition regulations, “all participating teams must arrive five (5) days prior to the start of the competition. The host association bears the related costs.” It is therefore April 24 at the latest that we will know if the Cubs forfeit. This margin of 5 days is essential to carry out the various MRI eligibility tests, intended to detect possible cases of age fraud. But it will also allow CAF to have time to turn around in the event of Morocco’s withdrawal.

CAN 2025, another point of contention

Besides this tension around CAN U17, theAlgeria and the Morocco also fight for the organization of the CAN 2025, that of the big ones this time. First entrusted to Guinea, the competition had been withdrawn from the West African country due to the excessive delays noted by the various inspection missions. The cards had therefore been redistributed and the announcement of the organizing country will take place before September. If the two Maghreb giants are favorites to organize this competition, the Zambia and the Nigeria-Benin duo also positioned themselves. To be continued.

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