Morocco invited at the last minute to the Maurice Revello Tournament 2023!

There will be three African selections that will participate in the 2023 edition of the Maurice Revello Tournament (formerly Festival Espoirs de Toulon). In addition to Côte d’Ivoire and Togo, whose presence was already known, Morocco was invited this Thursday at the last minute.

As explained by the organizers through a press release, the Cubs of the Atlas will compensate at short notice for the package of Bolivia. “The organizing committee learned with regret and astonishment of the withdrawal of the Bolivian Football Federation through an official letter sent on Thursday, May 11. The Bolivian Football Federation justifies this package by evoking the critical financial situation of the country which impacts the functioning of the institution and all its national selections. In order to compensate for this unexpected and last-minute package, the organization of the Maurice Revello Tournament has decided to invite the national team of Morocco“, said the organizers.

With the U20s rather than the U23s?

As the tournament kicks off on June 5 in Provence, southern France, the Moroccans will play in Group C with Ivory Coast, Japan and Panama. The last participation of the Cubs of the Atlas in this prestigious tournament had been crowned with success since Achraf Bencharki and his band had reached the final in 2015 (3-1 defeat against France).

Given that the competition ends on June 18, Morocco should not send its U23 selection, which hosts the CAN of the category a few days later, starting on June 24. It is more the U20 selection which is expected to play in the tournament.

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