Morocco better placed than Algeria?

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AFCON trophy

In the coming weeks, the Confederation of African Football (CAF) will designate the host country of CAN 2025 to replace Guinea. Even if South Africa, Zambia and the Benin-Nigeria duo are also candidates with all their chances, it is the duel between Algeria and Morocco that attracts all attention.

Coming out of a CHAN at home qualified as “most successful in historyby the president of CAF, Patrice Motsepe, the country of the Fennecs seems to have scored points. But some are less optimistic… Due to the intransigence of the Algerian government, which refused to allow the Moroccan selection to land in Constantine by virtue of its decision to close the airspace between the two countries, the Morocco withdrew and it is indeed Algeria that could pay the price.

The Algerians would have gained a lot in terms of image by allowing the Moroccan plane to land in Constantine. Tebboune (the Algerian president, editor’s note) was too rigid, while the Algerian federation was convinced that things would work out. Sportingly, the absence of the double defending champion has harmed the competition a little. Of course, Moroccans, by refusing to go through another country, made it a matter of principle, but in history, Algeria lost more than Morocco, which was already considered the favorite to organize the CAN 2025 before this incident“, thus slipped the leader of an African federation quoted by Young Africa. “We must not get involved in what is happening between Algeria and Morocco. Algeria and Morocco are sovereign countries, we respect them. We decided that we should never interfere in politics“, had for his part kicked Motsepe on Saturday about the tensions between the two neighbors.

Morocco better established in the authorities

The pan-African magazine, meanwhile, also highlights the 45 partnerships signed between the Moroccan Football Federation (FRMF) and other African federations. “It is the Comex (CAF Executive Committee, editor’s note) which will designate the country responsible for hosting CAN 2025. At the level of the authorities, Morocco is much more powerful than Algeria, which should have shown much more flexibility in the CHAN case“, thus supports the expert in geopolitics Jean-Baptiste Guégan.

Finally, the CAN 2025 host country announcement postponedinitially scheduled for February 10, could be a sign in favor of Morocco, which is currently organizing the Club World Cup. “Imagine Morocco being chosen to host CAN 2025. Making this announcement from the kingdom (during the Club World Cup, editor’s note) would not have been well received in Algeria. Better to wait a few weeks and give the name of the organizer from a country that is not a candidate“added another federation leader quoted by JA. Words that will make people talk…

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