Messi’s heavy accusations

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While the Argentinians were strongly criticized for the multiple provocations they were guilty of, Lionel Messi strongly castigated the attitude of the Netherlands in the quarter-finals.

The coronation of Albiceleste in Qatar was accompanied by a lively controversy. And not only because of the refereeing largesse that Argentina would have benefited from during the competition. Critics have mainly targeted the behavior of the Argentine players, whether after their victory in the final against the Blues or after their qualification against the Netherlands in the quarter-finals.

In both cases, when letting their joy explode, Lionel Scaloni’s men did not hesitate to forcefully chamber their opponents, multiplying provocations like an Emilinao Martinez obsessed with Kylian Mbappé. Lionel Messi has also explained on a daily basis Ole to have explained it with the Bondynois on his return to PSG. However, the seven-time Ballon d’Or considers the criticism unfounded, especially with regard to the post-match against the Netherlands.

They had no kind of fair play

“It seems unfair to me that this message (the Argentinians’ lack of fair play) has been broadcast because it is not true. Because no one has given us anything for free and we have always behaved in an exemplary manner, on and off the pitch, he thus affirmed. The guys were awesome and behaved better than ever. And I think they talk because of what happened with the Netherlands, that it all starts there. But no one says anything about what happened before the game with the statements of the Dutch, what happened during the game and what happened in the penalty shootout as well, their provocations. They didn’t have any kind of fair play. »

“They are the ones who spoke and who wanted to destabilize our players when we were going to take the penalties, he added. Everyone talks about what Argentina did after their victory but no one talks about it. Seems to me we should watch the movie carefully and see what happened and then comment and establish that we didn’t know how to win. »

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