March 27, 2023

To evoke the famous training session on Tuesday, PSG explains that Lionel Messi was injured. But on Wednesday, contrary to what the club mentioned, the Argentinian was well on the pitch.

There are definitely funny things happening around Lionel Messi at the moment. Conflicting information circulates around his future. It is said that part of the Parc des Princes could whistle Sunday against Rennes, to blame him for his disappointing performance in Munich. And, above all, there is this story of falling out with Christophe Galtier during training.

Djamel, a twitto who frequently publishes what he presents as secrets of the Parisian locker room, dropped a small bombshell on Friday by assuring that Messi had left PSG training on Tuesday because he was unhappy with the session offered by Galtier. Which would be a real snub for the Parisian coach, weakened by the latest results of his team.

Messi injured, really?

A few hours later, RMC confirmed that Messi had indeed left training prematurely, but the radio added that his sources gave several versions. Some described an Argentinian in conflict with his coach, others presented him as wounded. PSG would have broadcast the message the Argentinian was muscularly affected, which would have justified his absence from training on Wednesday, where he would have remained in treatment, and Thursday. Problem, PSG itself released photos of Wednesday’s training session. And we can see Messi, in the middle of his teammates.

“When the lie takes the elevator, the truth takes the stairs. Even if it takes more time, the truth always ends up coming”commented Djamel this Saturday, while the twitto continues to maintain its information about Messi.

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