March 27, 2023

While the debate rages around the identity of the future captain of the France team, Christophe Dugarry believes that Didier Deschamps has no choice but to give the armband to Kylian Mbappé.

This will be one of the challenges of the next gathering of the France team. Consequence of the international retirement of Hugo Lloris, Didier Deschamps must appoint a new captain for the France team. Given the uncertainty weighing around Paul Pogba, two names stand out, those of Kylian Mbappé and Antoine Griezmann. And according to him, the tricolor coach is waiting to discuss it with them to decide.

But for Christophe Dugarry, the choice is quickly made. “He will be demanding. And you can’t be against what Mbappé is going to want. Let’s take the opposite example: imagine you don’t give the armband to Mbappé. What will be his reaction? I’m sure she won’t be good, that he’ll be upset, touched, that he’ll jump to conclusions like “no one believes in me”, explained the former world champion at the microphone of RMC. Mbappé is a bit of a spoiled child, he will be captain at PSG next year, he must be at the center of the project, of the debates. This is not a criticism, he assumes it. He likes it, it values ​​him, he likes to be in the front of the field. So giving him the armband is another step in his accomplishment. »

And Didier Deschamps can all the more easily give the armband to Kylian Mbappé that Antoine Griezmann will not take offense at not having it. “Griezmann is the good friend, tempers Dugarry. If you don’t give him the armband, that’s okay, there’s no problem. He is a player in the shadows, who is ready to make efforts for the group, who goes in the direction of the collective, continued the Bordelais. Mbappé, not yet. He is looking for titles, glory, it galvanizes him. So I think it would be a mistake to upset Mbappé. He has the shoulders to assume this captaincy without any problem. Afterwards, I don’t know him privately. In the locker room, is he capable of having this role of leader, I cannot express myself because I do not know him enough. But he is a technical leader, on the ground. Zizou who was not a big talker managed to assume this leadership like that. I think it would be a logical continuation that would do good to Mbappé, his best player. »

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