Marion Rousse, an offer impossible to refuse?

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Marion Rousse has received new proof of the enthusiasm surrounding the women’s Tour de France…

The Women’s Tour de France this time seems set to last. Relaunched last summer, the Women’s Great Loop only needed one edition to appear obvious. The popular success observed on the roads and on television confirmed Marion Rousse, the director of the event, in her certainties.

However, the former champion of France does not want to go too fast, in particular by extending the race, which for the time being stretches over eight days. It is certain that we do not wish to develop too quickly, she recently confided in an interview with the specialized site Cycling Weekly. Before us, there have already been women’s Tours de France and, if we are a new event, it is because there have been failures concerning what preceded us. I want the race to still exist in 100 years and not stop everything in a few years. »

The next editions could nevertheless give rise to a great first. Marion Rousse has indeed revealed at the microphone of Catalan radio that foreign cities have already applied to host the big start of the Tour de France women. After a first start from Paris last year, the second edition will start this summer from Clermont-Ferrand before heading for the Pyrenees.

And many cities in France hope to host the event well. Whether in 2024 or after. “To tell you the truth, there are even some who are applying for 2025! This is the big difference with last year, where we wondered if it was going to work, she explained to West France. There, now, we are really in the future wondering where we will go in four or five years. It’s pretty crazy. It’s great and it shows that everyone cares. »

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