Manchester City, the end announced

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The matter is serious. Given the grievances expressed by the Premier League against Manchester City, the Skyblues risk neither more nor less than implosion. With sanctions incurred on the national scene as well as on a European scale.

There is no question here of financial fair play. The conclusions of the investigation carried out by the Premier League since 2019 into the management of Manchester City point to much more serious abuse. A hundred breaches of the rules of the English elite since the 2009-2010 season have been noted – breaches observed on the finances and taxation of the club, covered by Abu Dhabi via overvalued sponsorship contracts. Reprehensible failings also at UEFA level.

The Premier League, pending the possible – but probable – taking of sanctions, has decided for the time being to refer the Citizens to an independent commission. And the Skyblues to welcome it this Monday in a press release. ” Manchester City are surprised by the publication of these alleged breaches of Premier League regulations, particularly given the extensive pledge and detailed documentation that has been provided to the EPL (English Premier League). The club welcomes the examination of this matter by an independent commission which will impartially examine all the irrefutable evidence that exists to support its position. We therefore hope that this matter will be settled once and for all. »

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According to the Times, Manchester City plays all the bigger in front of this commission as the sentence pronounced in fine cannot be the subject of an appeal before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). The penalties incurred for notified offenses are heavy: deduction of points for the current season and the following ones; pure and simple expulsion from the league if at least 50% of the charges are proven; invalidated trophies; prohibition of recruitment; exclusion and ban from the European Cup. According to the verdict, it is therefore the very sustainability of the club that is threatened, particularly through the commitment of its Emirati owners.

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