Lionel Messi’s return to Barca would be worth 230 million

Although Barça’s economic vice-president, Eduard Romeu, denied in the interview he conducted a week ago that the Barça club had carried out a study on the feasibility of Messi’s return and the extent in which his return could be quantified in relation to the economic benefit, Sport He assures this Monday that there is an internal report which estimates the economic injection for the entity chaired by Joan Laporta at 230 million euros.

Still according to Sport, Barça would return 150 million more from sponsors (the information recalls that PSG increased by 13% in sponsors and 60% in sales of jerseys on the arrival of the sevenfold Ballon d’Or) and 80 million from ticketing; and that the net benefit of his signing, once his salary has been deducted, which could be around 25 million euros, plus the club’s investment to deal with his constitution, would be around 100 million euros.

The signing of Messi is in such a decisive phase that Barca hope that this week La Liga will give the green light to the viability plan and can launch their final offensive to bring back Lionel, who continues to manage PSG’s renewal offer. and from another. astronomical of Saudi football, which in recent days has even increased its proposal. At almost 36, however, money is no longer a priority for the Argentine, who has a lifelong emotional bond with Barca and left broken in the summer of 2021. Maybe he thought that not to return as a player. However, that door has been opened in recent months and Barcelona fans have been excited about his return.

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