Lionel Messi buys 35 gold-plated iPhone 14s

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Leo Messi has received 35 iPhone 14s with gold-plated cases which he will distribute to his Argentina team-mates for winning the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

“It was an honor to present 35 gold iPhone 14s to Leo Messi for his teammates and staff as a gift for winning the world cup final,” Benjamin Lyons and Indesign Gold shared on their Instagram accounts.

Members of the Scaloneta will receive the mobiles, on which will be inscribed the AFA shield, the three stars, the legend Champions of the 2022 World Cup and the name and shirt number of each of the players.

‘TNT Sports’ publishes that Messi paid 210,000 euros to be able to offer these 35 mobile phones with gold-plated shells to his teammates.

“Messi is one of our most loyal customers and he contacted us a few months ago after the World Cup final. He said he wanted a special gift to celebrate the incredible victory, but he didn’t want the usual gift of watches. So, I suggested this to him and he loved the idea,” explained Lyons, CEO of Indesign Gold.

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