LGBT controversy, the LFP finally reacts

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The campaign against homophobia led by the LFP last weekend has again caused controversy this year. The director general of the instance came out of the silence to take stock.

During the 35th day of Ligue 1, several players refused to wear the jersey with rainbow flocking, especially during the meeting between Toulouse and Nantes (0-0). Arnaud Rouger, the director general of the Professional Football League, took stock of this campaign to fight against homophobia, this Wednesday morning.

“756 players (from L1 and L2) were present on the match sheets. We know that some players have not worn the jersey. This day is a day to highlight a cause that is important to us. It remains a very small minority, we know that it is difficult and that we take blows ”, Arnaud Rouger said in a press release.

The LFP intends to continue its campaign against homophobia in the coming years. “At the LFP, we are used to taking blows. We will continue. This is the first pillar of our actions, along with communication to the general public via football. Second pillar, we integrated into the statutes of the League, the fight against discrimination (…) It allows to sanction. And our third pillar is training. This is a component that is much more difficult. You have to go to clubs with partner associations. It’s a day, we’ve done 28, but it’s endless. The players renew themselves, they must be trained constantly with our partner associations and members of the LFP”the statement concludes.

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