Le Graët, the terrible accusations

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The comments made by Noël Le Graët about Sonia Souid did not fail to make the person concerned react, the agent once again regretting the attitude of the former president of the French Football Federation.

His testimony had further weakened Noël Le Graët on the eve of an Executive Committee of the French Football Federation which was going to force its president to step back pending the report of the audit commissioned by the Ministry of Sports. As the Breton leader wavered, Sonia Souid told the story of a meeting at his home. “He made me understand that he would like me to end up in his bed”, she had launched, adding: “He never looked at me as an agent but as a piece of candy. To speak vulgarly, he looked at me like two breasts and an ass. »

Noël Le Graët did not digest this testimony for the prosecution. “She herself says that there was no aggression. Already, she is not an employee of the FFF. There is no hierarchical relationship. I invited her to my home in Paris for professional reasons, I sometimes receive collaborators, even journalists, in this apartment to talk about work, she agreed to come and was able to leave whenever she wanted, he thus confided in the columns of The Team. I’ve never assaulted her and I’ve never texted her sexually. So what’s the story? And what is she doing in there? We can clearly see that it is a blow and that it has been mounted. » For Noël Le Graët, the Clermontoise is just one “miraculous witness” And “has nothing to do with this audit”.

It is an understatement to say that Sonia Souid hardly tasted the accusations of the now ex-president of the FFF, just a few hours after his resignation. “Anyone who knows me knows that no one can teleguide me, she told AFP. Yes Noël Le Graët behaved very inappropriately. What I said to the inspectors is that indeed, what I felt was a form of harassment. I suffered a form of harassment. He must assume. » She just agreed that the timing had been carefully chosen. “Obviously we prepared for this outing. I was the first to speak, we had to find the timing for it to be audible,” she explained, recalling about her so-called lack of legitimacy her sports agent card issued by the FFF: “Yes, Noël Le Graët was my president. »

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