Laure Boulleau’s nightmare

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Laure Boulleau has experienced another difficult weekend if we refer to the messages sent to her on social networks. Consequence of the new goal of Alexis Sanchez and a comment on Achraf Hakimi.

Laure Boulleau was no exception. As every time Alexis Sanchez shakes the nets, the Canal Football Club consultant has suffered her share of harsh criticism, even insults. Consequence of a judgment issued at the beginning of the summer when the former Gunner had just joined Olympique de Marseille. ” I’m not very convinced by his signature, she confided. He is a player who had a golden period at Arsenal. There, he had a lot of energy, he put a lot of intensity into his game, he had the grinta. I think everything will be related to his physique. If he loses this intensity and his great physical qualities, it will be felt on his level of play. I still have the impression that he has been only a shadow of himself for four years. If he doesn’t have the rage he had at Arsenal, it won’t work. »

It is clear that the Chilean, despite his 34 years, has regained all his teeth. Sunday, against Troyes, he indeed scored his 14th goal of the season in Ligue 1. What therefore gives the opportunity to certain Marseille supporters to remember the good memories of the former PSG player. “In your face”, “Big bitch”, “Be beautiful but shut up”, these are some of the inappropriate comments that flourished on Twitter after the goal scored by the OM striker against Angers.

Asked in the columns of The Team at the beginning of the month, Laure Boulleau had confided her dismay in the face of this avalanche of hatred. “I received messages of violence! It was horrible and it really hurt me…I listed all the sexist insults, death threats to build a serious case and bring it to justice“, she had launched.

But Laure Boulleau’s ordeal was not limited to Sunday evening. On Saturday, it was a criticism aimed at Achraf Hakimi after his exclusion against Troyes which provoked strong reactions. As he returned to the Parisian locker room, the Moroccan side indeed dropped “That’s France”. A comment that was not to the taste of the former player. ” What is the relationship with France?“, she asked herself with a disapproving pout. What, there too, to attract a shower of dismaying remarks. “Sucking”, “horrible”, “ridiculous”, “a shit”… These are some of the messages posted to the CFC consultant…

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