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The Marseilles court has delivered its verdict on OM’s complaint against Mohamed Ajroudi.

Remember, the summer of 2020. A few months before the rumors of the sale of Olympique de Marseille to the Saudis arose, a man named Mohamed Ajroudi had taken it into his head to buy OM. This Franco-Tunisian businessman had proclaimed his desire to acquire the Olympian club, which he had proclaimed in several media. He was then supported by a well-known head of French sport, Mourad Boudjellal, the successful former president of Rugby Club Toulonnais.

In the end, nothing had happened, and big doubts arose concerning the intentions and especially the fortune of Ajroudi. Following this soap opera, OM, to defend themselves, took Ajroudi and Boudjellal to court, claiming 500,000 euros in damages from them for having mentioned in the press the possible sale of the club, despite the firm denials of the current Marseille owners. Later, Mourad Boudjellal also turned against Ajroudi, believing that he had been led on by him, to claim around 300,000 euros in moral and material damage.

This Thursday, the Marseilles court delivered its verdict. And the news is bad for OM, which was dismissed. According to Provence, the court ruled that it was impossible to demonstrate the ” faulty character of the defendants. Concretely, nothing legally prevents Mr. Ajroudi from proclaiming his desire to buy a football club. As for Boudjellal, roughly speaking, he only had to ” verify Mr. Ajroudi’s claims and the reality of the project“. To make matters worse, OM was ordered to pay the costs of the proceedings.

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