Jean-Pierre Foucault victim of cardiac arrest

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Jean-Pierre Foucault is recovering little by little. As he got off the plane, the former figure of TF1 was indeed the victim of a cardiac arrest at Marseille airport last month. “I felt a strong chest tightness. I asked my wife for some water, but the pain did not go away”he told Doctissimo, specifying that he had nevertheless returned to his home, where the situation deteriorated.

“Once there, I couldn’t climb the few steps that separated me from the front door. I lay down on the ground, in the garden, and we called for help. They then told me not to move anymore., he continued. At the hospital, the Marseillais had to be operated on in order to “unclog a stent” and placed in intensive care. “The care team revealed to me afterwards that I had suffered two minor cardiac arrests: the first in my garden, the other in the emergency room”, he said.

Passed near death

After a short week at the Nord de Marseille hospital, this fervent supporter of OM and former leader of the Olympian club through the OM Association, of which he was president for many years, spent three weeks in rehabilitation at the Léon Bérard Hospital in Hyères. Since then, the former host has been resting. “And I work a minute and a half a day”he said, aware of having passed close to death.

Fortunately, knowing the symptoms allowed him to quickly alert the emergency services. “It was the severe chest pain that immediately made me think of cardiac arrest. The other detail that alerted me was that I could no longer put my shoes on before taking the plane: my feet were swollen,” explained the one who no longer usually officiates at the presentation of Miss France and the Euromillions.

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