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Frenchman Paul Pogba, midfielder for Juventus and the Blues, will be unavailable between two and three weeks after his new left thigh injury on Sunday evening, we learned from the Turin club on Monday.

Examinations carried out Monday morning at the club’s medical center “revealed an injury” to the “straight femoral muscle of the left thigh”, Juve said on its website.

This type of injury usually leads to a recovery period of around “15/20 days”, a source within the club told AFP.

Knowing that the season ends in Italy on June 4, this leaves almost no chance for the 2018 world champion to play again with Juve. On the other hand, it can perhaps, in theory, be restored for the next gathering of the Blues scheduled for June (against Gibraltar on the 16th then Greece on the 19th, in qualifying for Euro-2024).

The 2018 world champion did not enjoy his first start in more than a year for long, suffering from a new injury and replaced after only 23 minutes of play on Sunday evening against Cremonese.

After a strike, he immediately stopped and then left the field, hiding tears under his shirt.

Pogba, who returned to Juve last summer after six years at Manchester United, suffered a real ordeal with a right knee injury in July, which required surgery in early September and deprived him of the 2022 World Cup.

Unavailable until February, he again had to stop for a month in March after a right thigh injury. He finally found some regularity from mid-April until this new setback. His season has so far been limited to ten appearances, for a maximum of 25 minutes.

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